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Nintendo Switch Accessories

Browse 411 Nintendo Switch accessory deals from the UK’s biggest retailers, starting from just £4.00. We compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

Nintendo Switch Accessories


From £14.99

154 prices


From £9.99

73 prices

Nintendo Switch Onlines

From £6.17

5 prices

Nintendo LABO

From £5.86

48 prices

Power & Chargers

From £9.99

28 prices

Gaming Chairs

From £35

17 prices


From £9.51

11 prices

Controller Attachments

From £17.95

3 prices

Steering Wheels

From £11.99

23 prices


From £9.84

22 prices


From £4

19 prices

Accessory Sets

From £9.99

2 prices


From £8.99

6 prices

Compare prices across a huge range of accessories for the Nintendo Switch, the new console taking the world by storm. No matter if you’re looking for official accessories, including controllers, wheels and cases to keep your Switch pristine no matter where you choose to take it, you can trust Console Deals to have the most up to date prices from some of the UK’s biggest retailers so you can find the best low price bargains around.

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