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Nintendo Switch Straps
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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Strap - Neon Blue

From £4

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Strap - Neon Red

From £4.09

2 Prices

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Strap - Grey

From £4.99

1 Price

Accessorise your Joy-Cons and avoid any unfortunate mishaps with a pair of Joy-Con controller straps.

The Joy-Con controllers are a true technological marvel, packing in a unique controller as well as additional features like haptic feedback and NFC capabilities into a tiny body. They can be used together as a pair, docked to the console, a grip, or completely detached, and even turned on their side to function as two separate controllers.

However, the one downside of all this is it can be hard to keep a hold of them sometimes, particularly if you’re waving your arms frantically in a game of Super Mario Party. With Joy-Con straps, you not only gain a strap to keep the Joy-Con secured and stop it being accidentally flung across the room, but you also increase the surface area of the controllers and enlarge the shoulder buttons – perfect for those who find the single Joy-Con configuration just a little but too fiddly to use comfortably.