How to get a free Nintendo Switch with a mobile phone contract

Switch Free Mobile Phone

We've all been there, desperate for a new games console but can't quite afford the initial outlay to grab a new console. In today's market you're looking at a whopping £450+ for a state of the art next-generation console... ouch!

Thankfully, there is a different route you can take to help make that initial hit on your bank balance a little bit less painful. Several mobile phone retailers are providing options to purchase a console by either bolting a deal onto your existing contract or by taking a new mobile phone contract with a free gift (as part of a bundle). This helps spread the payments monthly, meaning you aren't hit with a whopping payment up-front!

At the time of writing this article, the Nintendo Switch (including the standard and lite models) can be picked up as part of a bundle. In this guide, we'll break down where you can get your hands on such a deal.

Mobile Phone deals bundled with a Nintendo Switch

If you're determined to grab yourself a Switch but aren't sure which phone you're looking for, you can use the following links from our partner retailers to browse bundles based around the Nintendo Switch...

Already got a phone contract or not due an upgrade?

If you've already got a mobile phone contract but you're still interested in grabbing a Nintendo Switch and spreading those payments...

Which phone models are available as a bundle with a Nintendo Switch

We don't tend to see the latest mobile phones available as part of these bundles. For example, the latest iPhone 13 model isn't available as part of a bundle with a Switch - we put this down to the demand for the iPhone 13 being so high on initial launch.

Right now, you can expect to grab phones such as the iPhone 12, Samsung S20, Sony Experia 10 III and Google Pixel 4a. Not quite top of the range, but a damn good option if you ask me!

Phone retailers to keep an eye on

Our team here at reguarly check gaming bundles with our partner retailers and unfortunately they don't always offer bundles with gaming items. On our last check, the following retailers were missing gaming free gifts:, Affordable Mobiles, e2save Mobiles and Carphone Warehouse

We'll keep checking with our partner retailers to keep this guide updated, let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Guide Last Updated: 20th September 2021

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