How to get a free Nintendo Switch with a new mobile phone contract

With the PS4 and Xbox One now somewhat retired to make way for the next generation of home consoles, the Nintendo Switch is a good gaming alternative that remains a must-buy for many players. Picking one up outside of a bundle can be costly, but if you're in the market for a new phone as well as wanting to pick up Nintendo's latest piece of hardware, you're in luck. A variety of different online mobile retailers are currently offering the Switch for free when you pick up a new phone contract. In this guide, we'll break down where you can get your hands on such a deal.

The Switch Lite, the newest revision of the console, typically retails for £199, while the 'full' Switch has an RRP of £279, to give you an idea of some of the fantastic deals that are available right now.

If you're determined to grab yourself a Switch but aren't sure which sort of phone you're looking for yet, you can use the following links to browse the deals based on what model Switch you want:

If, on the other hand, you know what model of phone you're looking for but aren't sure on the model of Switch you'd like, read on. 

Free Nintendo Switch with iPhone deals

Whether it's the latest iPhone or you're looking to grab a bargain on a slightly older model, we've got you covered.

iPhone XR

  • Mobile Phones Direct are listing a number of iPhone models that you can pick up and get a free Nintendo Switch with - either the full model with neon Joy-Cons, or the Lite model in grey or yellow.

Free Nintendo Switch with Samsung Galaxy deals

The Samsung Galaxy range encompasses everything from entry-level smartphones right up to some of the most cutting edge devices available right now. As with the iPhones above, you can browse a huge selection of these offers right now, depending on which retailer you want to shop with and which version of the Switch you'd like.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Free Nintendo Switch with Huawei phone deals

Huawei are making a name for themselves in the phone world for incredibly high spec devices that are often available for a fraction of the cost of their equivalents from long-established players. Although many of these phones already offer incredible value, you can sweeten the deal even further by adding in a Nintendo Switch!

  • Click here to view all Mobile Phones Direct offers with a Huawei phone and a free Nintendo Switch console with neon Joy-Cons.
  • Virgin Media are offering a free Switch with a Huawei P20. Click here.
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