Nintendo Switch OLED Console Deals

Nintendo Switch OLED Console Deals

The best place to compare 20 Switch OLED bundles and deals in the UK. With prices ranging from £309.00 to £399.99 and deals checked multiple times an hour, Console Deals is the only site you need to find your dream Switch bundle for the best price out there.

  • Box Contents:
  • 64GB Capacity
  • Docking Station
  • Joy-Con controller pair

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Popular Nintendo Switch OLED Model Bundles

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Nintendo Switch OLED: Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con
3 deals from £309.99
Nintendo Switch OLED: White Joy-Con
3 deals from £309.99

Learn more about the Nintendo Switch OLED model

Set to launch worldwide on October 8th, 2021, the Nintendo Switch OLED model offers players an even better way to experience Nintendo games thanks to a larger, better-quality screen. The 7-inch OLED will render both recent and upcoming Nintendo Switch games more beautifully than ever before, presenting graphics using a vivid level of colour that isn’t possible on other Switch console models.

The overall size of the Nintendo Switch OLED model isn’t bigger or smaller than the standard Switch, but the screen can achieve 7 inches of space thanks to the much slimmer bezel. High-contrast levels and improved colour variation ensures that people who play Nintendo Switch on the go now receive a premium experience, akin to what you’d typically see when playing games on an OLED TV. At launch the Nintendo Switch OLED model is available in two colour SKUs: Neon and White.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - wide stand

A wide adjustable stand for better tabletop play 

The Nintendo Switch OLED model features a wider stand than any other Switch model, letting you set the console down to play in tabletop mode without risk of it toppling over. This makes for an ideal viewing angle in which to enjoy the new 7-inch OLED screen in all its glory.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - promotion

64GB of built-in memory – double than before 

The standard Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB of internal storage. The new OLED model, however, effectively doubles that to 64GB. This means more space to store all your digital Nintendo games before having to expand it through a MicroSD card.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - LAN

Improved dock with dedicated LAN port 

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner that enjoys playing multiplayer, the Switch OLED model gives you a method to effectively cut out lag with the addition of a wired LAN port. Not only will this allow for more stable online play, but should eradicate slowdown when playing Cloud games.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - audio

Onboard front-facing speakers deliver enhanced audio 

 The Nintendo Switch OLED model packs a better audio punch thanks to the redesigned unit which places speakers on the front rather than back. This ensures you can enjoy enhanced sound when playing in handheld or tabletop modes.

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