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How To Set Up A Console For Christmas Morning

Avoid any Christmas morning mishaps with our guide on everything you need to do to get a Christmas console set up and ready to go.

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Perfect last minute Christmas gifts – the Nintendo Mini consoles

Retro gaming fun.

Nintendo Switch
Will There Be A New Nintendo Switch In 2019?

To buy now or not to buy now – that is the question.

Xbox One
Xbox One S with three games for £199.99/ four games for £209.99

Xcellent deals.

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The best selling products of the week so far

Our top ten best sellers of the week so far – perfect for gift ideas!

Nintendo Switch
Super Smash Bros edition Switch down to £299.99

Get the limited edition bundle for an amazing low price!

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Daily deal highlights – 12/12 edition

All the best deals on consoles, accessories and games!

Console Deals
Daily deal highlights – 11/12 edition

Christmas is coming, and we’ve got the perfect gifts right here!

Xbox One
Huge deals on Xbox One S and X

Get those Christmas presents sorted with these Xbox deals!

PS4 Slim price drop – now from just £229

Save £20 or more – just in time for Christmas!

Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S and PS4 Pro

The best console deals, all in one place

Console Deals compares up-to-the-minute console bundles and deals from all the leading online retailers to find you the cheapest prices. We compare the latest and best console deals for Xbox One, Playstation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS & 2DS and more.

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Join the latest gaming generation

With the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4; console gaming has entered a new level of visual fidelity and online play. Games on the Xbox One console and the PS4 console are bigger, more immersive and more graphically stunning than ever before. Now, with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, you can enjoy even better graphics and processing power. Nintendo’s current console, the Switch, may not pack the same graphical punch, but has been enormously successful thanks to a stellar line up of games and the fact it can be used as a home console and a handheld.

Which console will you choose?

On our pages for each of the three main consoles, you’ll find lots of information about them in order to help you decide which one is right for you. We’ve also launched an advice section in which you’ll find answers to lots of common questions about the current crop of consoles.

The PlayStation 4 is this generation’s best-selling console, and is a wonderful combination of power, performance and excellent games. As well as best-selling multi-platform franchise games including FIFA and Grand Theft Auto, the PS4 is also building a stable of outstanding exclusive titles, include Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The Xbox One is an excellent choice as well, with excellent hardware, an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and a great choice of games, with third party and first party titles including the Forza racing series.

Finally, the Nintendo Switch not only plays host to Nintendo’s classic exclusive franchises, including Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart, but can be played in three separate ways. Whether it’s playing on the TV, in multiplayer tabletop mode or as a classic handheld, the Switch has the option to suit your style best.

You can still get some fantastic deals on Nintendo’s 2DS and 3DS range too, making them ideal for younger gamers or those who simply want something basic for commuting. And if it’s retro that you’re looking for, the Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES is great for bringing back memories, right down to the true-to-original controllers!

Whichever console you choose, you’ll find the latest and cheapest bundles at Console Deals.

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