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Flash Price PS4 Xbox One
FIFA 20 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One already less than £38

Kick off for far less than the usual price thanks to eBay’s new offer.

Save 20% on a PS4, Xbox One or Switch bundle with this eBay offer code

Bag a bargain on your dream console bundle with these great deals.

Flash Price Xbox One
Single-player shooter Control reduced to just £30 on Xbox One

Step into the Lynchian world of Control at a nice price saving!

Flash Price PS4 Xbox One
Yooka Laylee & The Impossible Lair less than £20 on PS4 and Xbox

Jump into this colour 2D adventure for £5 less than usual.

Exclusive Death Stranding cover available to pre-order at Amazon

The Higgs Variant edition of Death Stranding sure looks snazzy.

6 free months of Spotify Premium when purchasing a game from Currys

Would you like some free Taylor Swift to go along with that game?

Flash Price Xbox One
Gears 5 now less than £24.99 on Xbox as a digital download

Chainsaw guns at the ready! Jump into Gears 5 for half the typical cost.

PS4 Xbox One
Out Today: The best day one prices for GRID on PS4 and Xbox One

Codemasters’ legendary arcade racer returns, so speed your way to a great deal.

Get Minecraft FREE with any colour Nintendo Switch Lite

Get building on the go thanks to this great Switch Lite deal.

Flash Price Xbox One
Burnout Paradise reduced to £9.85 on PS4 and Xbox One

Speed your way across luscious landscapes for this great deal.

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We at Console Deals haver made it our mission to secure site visitors the very best price on the video game consoles, accessories and games they love. This means forming close professional relationships with some of the UK’s leading games retailers, which we can then compare prices for and make them readily accessible in one easy-to-digest place.

We compare deals for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch across such respected retailers as Amazon, Tesco, GAME, Currys and many more.

Join the latest gaming generation

With the Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4, console gaming is now able to offer players a new degree of visual fidelity and online play. Games on the Xbox One console and the PS4 console are bigger, more immersive and look better than they ever have before. Better still, with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, you can enjoy even more impressive graphics and processing power. Nintendo’s current console, the Switch, may not pack the same graphical punch, but has been enormously successful thanks to a great library of familiar first-party franchises that have been reinvigorated and the fact it can be used as a home console and a handheld.

Which console will you choose?

Each of the three main consoles has its own dedicated page, filled with lots of information about them in order to help you decide which one is right for you. We’ve also launched an advice section in which you’ll find answers to lots of common questions about the current crop of consoles.

The PlayStation 4 is this generation’s best-selling console, and is a wonderful combination of power, performance and excellent games. As well as best-selling multi-platform franchise games including FIFA and Grand Theft Auto, the PS4 is also building a stable of outstanding exclusive titles, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human and more.

The Xbox One is an excellent choice as well, with excellent hardware, an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and a great choice of games, with third party and first party titles including the Forza racing series. Classic Xbox franchises like Gears of War and Halo also pack a powerful punch on Microsoft’s newest console, letting you continue adventures first started on the 360 and original Xbox console.

Finally, the Nintendo Switch not only plays host to Nintendo’s classic exclusive franchises, including Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart, but can be played in three separate ways. Whether it’s playing on the TV, in multiplayer tabletop mode or as a classic handheld, the Switch has the option to suit your style best. You get two controllers right out of the box in the Nintendo Switch’s two Joy-Con, which makes it ideal for instant co-op play.

You can still get some fantastic deals on Nintendo’s 2DS and 3DS range too, making them ideal for younger gamers or those who simply want something basic for commuting. And if it’s retro that you’re looking for, the Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES is great for bringing back memories, right down to the true-to-original controllers!

Whichever console you choose, you’ll find the latest and cheapest bundles at Console Deals.

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