Xbox Series S Pre-Order Deals & Bundles

Xbox Series S Pre-Order Deals & Bundles

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Xbox Series S pre-orders UK – all you need to know

After the drama and chaos of the PS5 pre order launch in the UK, which saw customers scrambling from retailer to retailer trying to find stock, we’re expecting a much more orderly pre-order process for the Xbox Series S and X, as we’ve got a confirmed list of retailers and know when we’re expecting them to launch. Here’s what you need to know, and remember to check back regularly to this page.

Unlike the PS5, which launched in the UK via dribs and drabs of stock here and there, we have a very solid plan of action on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pre orders. Here’s what you need to know:

– Retailers who will have consoles available to pre-order include GAME, Currys, Argos, Amazon, AO, Smyths Toys, Very and all other major UK retailers. We’re not sure what major supermarkets like Tesco will do, as they typically do not list consoles on their websites, but if they do we’ll update this page accordingly

– We expect the likes of GAME and Amazon to launch almost instantly. Some retailers like Currys will use a queue system like they did for the PS5 launch, where you’ll need to load a page and wait until you’re at the front of the virtual queue, while some others like Argos may choose to launch later today

– Don’t panic if the retailer you had in mind sells out of consoles – we track dozens of retailers, so there’s always a good chance you’ll be able to find a console, even if one of the biggest retailers runs out

– Both the Xbox Series S and X will launch together, so make sure you plan which one you want to get beforehand

– We expect stock to be quite limited, though probably not quite to the same degree as the PS5, which has been confirmed as struggling for production numbers. You’ll still need to be fast and well prepared if you’ve got a particular bundle or retailer in mind

Xbox Series S: Next gen gaming at an old school price

The little brother of the Xbox Series X, the Series S packs a huge punch into a tiny package, and helps bring the next generation to you without breaking the bank.

In keeping with the modern trend for multiple models of the same console to cater to a wide range of gaming tastes and styles, Microsoft are for the first time launching two different models of a new Xbox generation. While the Series X may be the more powerful console, the value for money offered from the Series S console is little short of remarkable.

Capable of supporting games running at 120FPS with a resolution of 1440p, boasting 4K upscaling, 4K media play-back, the Xbox Series S will open the eyes of current generation players to a world of incredible realism and smooth performance. If you’re not someone who owns a 4K television, the Xbox Series S will give let you sample the next generation of gaming without spending money on features you’re not able to make the most of.

All of this is built upon a 512GB SSD. With the current generation of consoles utilising traditional hard drives, the move to SSDs will result in a marked improvement in loading times. What’s more remarkable is that this entire package will begin with an RRP of £249, putting it roughly on a par with the current base level of PS4 and Xbox One offers.

With so much tech crammed in, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Microsoft have resorted to using hefty, unwieldy components. On the contrary, the Xbox Series S packs all of this tech into the smallest Xbox ever, a remarkable piece of engineering that will fit comfortably into any entertainment centre.

When is the Xbox Series S’s release date?

The Xbox Series S is set to hit UK store shelves this November 10th, 2020. That’s the exact same date as its souped-up sibling console, the Xbox Series X. It will retail for £249 RRP at most retailers like GAME, Smyths Toy Store and Argos, with pre-orders going live months ahead of time on September 22nd. Demand for the Xbox Series S is likely to be strong due to it’s incredibly enticing price point, so be sure to keep your finger on the pulse as soon as pre-orders go live to avoid any disappointment.

What Xbox Series S bundles will be available?

Currently, we have no official word on what, if any, bundles the Xbox Series S will launch with. However, as the console doesn’t have a disc drive and will therefore rely solely on digital downloads and streaming, it seems a safe bet that even if we don’t see a hard bundle featuring a game with the console, we’re very likely to have Microsoft bundling subscriptions to their hugely successful Xbox Game Pass with the console.

Of course, we don’t need to rely on hard bundles from Microsoft; expect to see all sorts of offers from various retailers, who we think will be including a game at a heavy discount with the console in order to incentivise you to buy from them. Another popular option we foresee is retailers bundling the console with an external hard drive. Though the Series S’s SSD is a huge leap forward in terms of performance, its relatively limited capacity means that there’ll be a big market for expanding the storage capacity. A bundle with an extra hard drive would therefore make a lot of sense.

Xbox Series S Specs

Release Date November 10th, 2020
Price £249.99
Graphics (GPU) 12 TFLOPS, 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz Custom RDNA 2 GPU
Memory (RAM) 16 GB GDDR6
Internal Storage 512GB Custom NVMe SSD
Ray Tracing Yes
Backwards Compatible Yes
Maximum Resolution 1440p
Maximum Framerate 60 FPS

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