Xbox One Accessories

Xbox One Accessories

Browse [dealcount] Xbox One accessory deals from the UK's biggest retailers, starting from just [minprice]. We compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

Xbox One Controller
107 deals from £13
Xbox One Headset
3 deals from £11.99
Xbox One Power & Charger
55 deals from £4.99
Xbox One Controller Attachment
8 deals from £4.99
Xbox One Misc
21 deals from £5
Xbox One Stand
11 deals from £15.85
Xbox One Steering Wheel
27 deals from £89.99

Take your Xbox One lifestyle to the next level with these Xbox One accessories

The Xbox One as a gaming platform is one that’s only continuing to get better. Just when you think that you’ve experienced all it has to offer by picking up a gamepad and playing, Microsoft go ahead and announce a totally new console SKU or additional accessory capable of improving how you play. Whether it’s in the form of a more eSports-specific Xbox One controller, a headset featuring 360 surround sound or a gaming chair that improves your posture, the Xbox One has plenty of compatible accessories that can make for some much-appreciated added convenience.

White Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controllers

The standard Xbox One controller you get with a console is pretty good, but why stay limited to what you get out of the box when you could enjoy a more premium gamepad experience? The highly customisable Elite Xbox One controller will be the preferred choice for many, offering players improved performance, better grip and limitless interchangeable button combinations. Still, there’s a large amount of Xbox One controller options out there – find one that’s best for you!

Xbox Live logo

Xbox Live

Xbox Live is what allows players to stay connected on Microsoft’s platform, affording them the chance to play together as part of a passionate community while being able to enjoy exclusive offers on digital Xbox One games and play them anywhere – on console or PC. An Xbox One subscription gains you all these benefits and more, with an Xbox Gold membership granting you for free Xbox One games per month. You’ll have a vast games library on the platform in no time at all.

White Xbox One Headset

Xbox One Headsets

Investing in a decent gaming headset for Xbox One helps immerse you into a game world like never before, suddenly revealing soundscapes and audio cues you previously never noticed. A headset also comes in handy for when you want to delineate between party chat with friends and the in-game audio, letting you find and tweak a volume set-up perfect for whatever situation you find yourself in. Every brand from Turtle Beach, HyperX and Razer has a gaming headset geared for Xbox One.

PS4 Gaming Chair

Xbox One Gaming Chairs

If you’re a player that constantly finds themselves aching or struggling to get comfortable when settling into long play sessions, a purpose-built gaming chair could be the perfect solution. Offering ample arm, head and back support, they come in an array of colours and different designs – making it likely that you won’t struggle to find one that fits perfectly into your set-up.

Logitech Xbox One Steering Wheel

Xbox One Steering Wheels

With the Xbox One arguably being home to one of the best racing franchises in Forza and Forza Horizon, what better platform is there to make use of a dedicated steering wheel peripheral? There’s no better way to settle in and feel the true need for speed, with many featuring a texture grip for better handling, pedal sets for realistic acceleration and lock-to-lock rotation to accommodate aggressive turns and corners.

Xbox One Kinect Camera

Xbox One Kinect

Transitioning over from the days of Xbox 360, the Xbox One Kinect is a cool bit of kit that acts as a camera, motion detector and microphone – all three serves to enhance the ways players are able to interact with their console. You can say “Xbox On”, for example, to turn it on without the need to touch the controller, with Kinect also making it easy for you to switch between apps from the comfort of your sofa through voice alone.

Xbox One Power Charger

Xbox One Power Chargers

One of the few drawbacks of the standard Xbox One controller is its inability to be charged – instead requiring players to swap out two AA batteries every so often. However, there are other charging options such as Microsoft’s official Xbox One Play & Charge kit, which charges your Xbox One controller as you play. This lets you save money by not having to buy AA batteries constantly.

Compare the UK’s best priced Xbox One accessories

Browse cheap deals on a massive range of Xbox One accessories. From controllers, including official Microsoft controllers and the Xbox One Elite controller, to headsets perfect for online gaming to Xbox Live membership subscriptions and everything else in between, you’ll never need to look anywhere else to get a fantastic deal on Xbox One accessories!

If you’re yet to buy your Xbox One console, be sure to check out our Xbox One consoles page for all the latest deals and bundles, as well as our Xbox One games section to find the lowest prices available on a wide selection of best selling Xbox games.

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