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Compare 137 Xbox One Controller deals from the UK’s biggest retailers including GAME, Currys PC World, Argos and Amazon. Today’s cheapest Xbox One controller is available to buy today for only £36.99.

Xbox One Controller
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Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black

From £39.99

18 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: White

From £39.99

15 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Blue

From £42.99

12 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Red

From £42.99

10 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Minecraft Creeper

From £43.25

9 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Minecraft Pig

From £44.99

9 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Phantom Black Special Edition

From £50

9 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Grey and Blue

From £47.49

8 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Armed Forces II

From £36.99

7 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Grey and Green

From £49.99

7 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Limited Edition

From £47.99

6 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Sports White

From £57.99

5 Prices

Hyperkin Duke Xbox One Controller - Green

From £37.49

4 Prices

Xbox One Wireless White Elite Controller

From £119.99

4 Prices

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller

From £132

4 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Combat Tech Green

From £48.99

2 Prices

Hyperkin Duke Xbox One Controller

From £54.97

2 Prices

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One Controller

From £114

2 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Elite Controller

From £119.99

2 Prices

Xbox One Wireless Controller: Zest Orange / Military Green

From £46.01

1 Price

Xbox One Wireless Controller with Play and Charge Kit

From £69.99

1 Price

Types of Xbox One Controller

Compared to the other two major console platforms, Xbox One makes a strong case as being the one that shows the most affection for controllers, simply due to the amount of personalisation on offer. This is in part thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab initiative, where players can take their pick from over 1 billion possible colour combinations and get it sent direct to their door. The standard Xbox One Wireless controller is an all-round winning choice, however, but there are a couple other iterations that players with a love of competitive multiplayer might want to take note of also.

Xbox One Elite controller

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

Pitched by Microsoft as “the world’s most advanced controller”, the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller offers a degree of performance and customisation not possible in other gamepads. This isn’t a third-party affair, oh no. Instead developed in-house by Microsoft to offer competitive players the best way to create a personable experience on Xbox One. It’s all thanks to a combination of interchangeable metal thumb sticks and D-pads, hair trigger locks that help improve time-to-kill in shooters and a near endless degree of button mapping thanks to Xbox’s official Elite controller app.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

The Xbox One Wireless Controller will come packaged in with every Xbox One S and Xbox One X console. Much like the Xbox 360 controller before it, the gamepad design features offset analogue sticks for the ultimate comfort and improved accuracy in first-person shooters. It works totally wirelessly too via AA batteries slotting in the back, and is available in a range of colours such as white, blue, red – and even limited-edition variants like Phantom Black and Sports White.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Xbox One Controller Duke

Hyperkin Duke Xbox One Controller

This third-party controller for the Xbox One is a neat little throwback to the one originally supplied with the very first Xbox console, released in 2001. While not its official title, that controller was infamous for how chunky it felt to hold while playing, going on to become known colloquially as “the duke”. This modern SKU makes use of Force feedback and impulse trigger vibration to help players feel further immersed in games like Halo and Gears of War, while precision analogue sticks make lining up the perfect shot a breeze.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller

Razer is a tentpole name in world of controllers, being many eSports players’ preferred brand of choice for those wanting to play in competitive multiplayer tournaments. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller has been specifically designed with ergonomics in mind, being satisfying to hold with remappable buttons and triggers to let players craft a gamepad that is fully aligned with their preferences. It’s a little pricey compared to the official Xbox One controller, but it’s more than made up for by such advanced customisation.

Xbox One Controller Razer ultimate edition

Xbox One Controller Razer tournament edition

Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Xbox One Controller

The Tournament Edition of Razer’s Wolverine Xbox One Controller isn’t too dissimilar to what’s offered in the Ultimate. Again, we have the same button layout and triggers that are all fully remappable via Razer’s in-house app, making it easy for people to play a game however they feel is best for them. The major difference, though, comes in how this gamepad is wired. This is done to reduce latency when playing in tournaments (hence the name).

Where to buy an Xbox One controller

Finding an Xbox One controller isn’t a difficult task, with most physical and online retailers in the UK keeping good stock of the official Xbox One wireless controller. This proves useful for whenever players need a spare. More specifically designed gamepads tailored to, say, competitive eSports can be a bit harder to find, but it’s possible if you know where to look. That’s why we’ve compiled together this list of potential Xbox One controller retailers.

Multiple Xbox One controller options at Game

As the UK’s biggest physical games retailer, you’d expect GAME to have all your Xbox One controller needs covered – regardless of preference or requirement. They feature a robust selection of the standard Xbox One Wireless Controller in a wide range of colours like Splash Orange, Minecraft Pig and Neo Storm. You can also purchase Hyperkin’s third-party throwback to original Xbox’s Duke controller here in both black and Green.


Speedy Xbox One controller deliveries from Amazon

Amazon won’t leave Xbox One players wanting when it comes to finding the perfect Xbox One controller for them. If anything, the only real problem is that it can be a little intimidating wading through them all, but thankfully that’s where Console Deals can help. Amazon stocks most variants of the standard Xbox One controller in a swathe of colours, as well as Razer’s two eSports-focussed gamepads.

Argos lets you ‘Click & Collect’ your Xbox One controller

Argos is a physical and online retailer that offers Xbox One players with an added convenience in that any Xbox One controller can be reserved online, paid for, and then picked up in store to avoid any disappointment. Again, Argos stock an extensive number of standard Xbox One Wireless Controllers, but you’re less likely to find the more abstract colour variants. They too keep good stock of Razer’s two customisable Xbox One controller variants.


Limited Xbox One controller purchase options at Tesco

Tesco’s online arm, Tesco Direct, used to be one of the best avenues with which to purchase a controller for every console, not just the Xbox One. Tesco Direct is unfortunately no longer around, with Tesco instead asking potential purchasers to chance their hardware needs by popping into a physical brick-and-mortar store. If the store does keep any Xbox One Controller in stock, it’s likely the standard wireless one that comes packaged with the console.

Asda is a reliable supermarket to pick up an Xbox One controller

Asda’s online counterpart, by comparison, is still around. While not the most extensive range of Xbox One controllers available on the interwebs, it’s a convenient and relatively straightforward resource for players looking for a standard Xbox One wireless controller. You can find them in White, Black and most other traditional controller colours.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re still left wondering at which type of Xbox One controller will precisely fit your needs, we’ve done our best to collate some of the most frequently asked questions below. The fact of the matter is that there is no wrong choice when it comes to Xbox One controllers, only slight differences between each that will cater to different types of player.

What is the best controller for Xbox One?

The answer to this question will be entirely subjective based on your own tastes. Looking for a no-frills Xbox Controller that’ll simply see you through? You can’t go wrong with the Xbox One Wireless Controller. Want a gamepad specifically geared towards online play? The Razer Wolverine Ultimate Xbox One Controller allows any button to be fully remapped. Then, if you’re craving a bit of nostalgia you can always opt for Hyperkin’s Duke Xbox One Controller.

How much does a new Xbox One controller cost?

The standard Xbox One Wireless Controller retails at most places for £49.99. This can vary somewhat if you’re looking for a specific colour or particular design, but this will be the price you’re likely to find it for unless it goes on sale. Controllers designed for low-latency competitive play like the Razer gamepads up the cost by almost £100, and this is because they are adaptive and tend to be built from higher-end components.

Why are Xbox One controllers so expensive?

Xbox One controllers, like those engineered for other platforms, are the products of multiple years’ R&D. The result is an ergonomic gamepad made from multiple components that all add up to your gateway into the game worlds players can inhabit. Xbox One controllers are so expensive because they’re generally built to not break, lasting you the entire lifespan of the console itself should it be well looked after.

How many controllers can connect to an Xbox One?

An Xbox One can have up to eight controllers connected to it at any one time. It’s rare to find a game that will make use of this many, but assures that titles with split-screen couch co-op are well catered for.

Learn more about Xbox One Controllers

Every gamer knows that a great console needs a great controller, and the Xbox One certainly has that. Refined from the models first teamed with the original Xbox and then the Xbox 360, the Xbox One’s controller is a marvel of engineering that offers players an unparalleled gaming experience.

What’s more, there’s now a further enhanced version available from Microsoft themselves in the form of the Xbox One Elite controller. Complete with interchangeable buttons and additional paddles for further control customisation, the Elite controller is truly for the hardcore gaming fan. You can learn about the precise differences between the various official Xbox One controllers by checking out our guide.

Microsoft have created dozens of variations on their now classic controller, with a massive range of designs, colours and patterns available. Some are limited edition and can command a princely sum, whereas others, while being rare and unusual, are available at a much more reasonable price. We’ve strived to create as comprehensive price comparison of the most popular – and best looking – gamepads available for the Xbox.

As you can see, there’s a huge number of colour options available, which is why we’ve put together this page to help you find the best deal on an Xbox One controller. We compare prices multiple times a day to make sure you won’t miss out on the best bargains available, no matter what colour or design of controller you’re after.