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PS Vita

Learn more about PS Vita

PlayStation Vita is Sony’s latest handheld games console and to date the most powerful handheld console in the world. Launched in 2012, it’s still the most powerful portable around. With a full suite of traditional controls, as well as touch and motion sensors, its built for gamers who lean more towards the ‘core’.

PS Vita Box

What’s in the box?

With current PS Vita bundle deals you get the console, a USB cable, a charger, instructions and a set of augmented reality (AR) cards. If you need a memory card and some awesome games then check out our PS Vita deals.

Meet the PS Vita Slim

PS Vita is currently available in one model and one colour (we hope you like black). That’s the PS Vita Slim, also known as Vita 2000. And it’s both slimmer and lighter than older PS Vita models.

Vita Slim has an LCD screen instead of the old model’s OLED display. But there’s an advantage: much longer battery life.

The Slim also comes with Wi-Fi as standard – there’s no 3G option anymore. But given that 3G usually means having to pay an extra monthly bill, that’s probably not such a bad thing.

PS Vita Handheld Console

PS Vita Remote Play feature

Console games on your PS Vita

Access nearly all your PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 games remotely on your PS Vita handheld using Playstation Remote Play. Play your favourite games from your bed, your friends house or at work, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

PS4 Technical Specifications

Console Style Matte Black with Silver Triggers
Storage Capacity 512mb & Expandable
Sensors Six Axis Motion Sensor & Gyro
Cameras Front and Rear
Touch / Screens 5" OLED touchscreen and rear touch pad
Ports / Slots 1 x USB, Memory card slot, Vita card slot, Headset jack
Backwards Compatible with PSP With Digital Purchases
TV / A/V Hookups HDMI out port, Optical output
Cables Included AC Adapter & USB

Choose your PS Vita bundle

PlayStation Vita is almost a dream come true for gamers on the go. A year before Sony announced the PS4, they were already designing PS Vita “for the players” with stunning looks and controls just right for FPS and other hardcore genres. PS Vita also has enough horsepower for its own entry in the brilliant Uncharted series.

Choosing your PS Vita bundle is mostly a question of price, and which games and extras are packed in. Use our buyer’s guide and comparison table to find your perfect PS Vita deal.

Lots of bundled games to choose from

From Minecraft to Lego Batman, from Final Fantasy to Borderlands 2 – there’s a big choice of pack-in games with PS Vita deals. You can always find the latest bundles with our filters, so have a play around and see what takes your fancy.

The hidden cost of memory cards

One complaint gamers have with the PS Vita is its proprietary memory cards. They’re pretty expensive compared to standard, ten-a-penny SD cards. But if you want to buy games digitally, you gotta have one.

If you see a PS Vita bundle with a memory card packed in, you might want to grab it. You’ll be needing one anyway, so might as well get one as part of a PS Vita deal.

PSP2 rumours begin

Reports emerge that Sony is working on a successor to the PlayStation Portable (PSP), with specs similar to the original Xbox. Rumours continue to trickle out over the next year… as if we should be surprised Sony is making a new handheld.

Caught on camera

Early pictures of the new Sony handheld prototype are leaked online. The design features dual analogue sticks, cameras and a microphone. Not unlike the PS Vita, in fact.

NGP revealed

The console is officially announced, under the codename Next Generation Portable (NGP), at a PlayStation Meeting event in Japan. Sony reveals that digital downloads are a big part of their plans for ‘NGP’.

E3 2011 Vita Showcase

I name thee Vita

At their E3 2011 conference, Sony reveals its next handheld will be named PlayStation Vita. The system is to be region-free and feature facial recognition and head tracking capabilities. Vita’s proprietary memory cards are also revealed, and later turn out to be a bit pricey.

PS Vita released

Vita unleashed

PS Vita launches at UK retailers. Reviewers praise the Vita hardware’s smart looks, innovative back touch controls, great D-pad and OLED screen. But they’re less happy about the high launch price. Thankfully our Vita bundles can fix that!

PS Vita Slim

Vita 2000 slimmer but not sweeter

A new model PS Vita – the PCH-2000 series – is released in the UK. It’s 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the original, and the battery lasts an hour longer. The OLED screen has been swapped for LCD, and there’s no longer a 3G option, but at least you can play for longer eh?

Project Morpheus Concept

A VR future with Morpheus

Sony confirms that Vita will interact with its new PS4 virtual reality headset, codenamed Project Morpheus: “They can use Vita as a second screen and control what’s going to happen to the other person.” There’s plenty of life in Vita yet.

PlayStation TV on Vita

PlayStation TV is a tiny Vita

Sony launches the latest iteration of PS Vita. PlayStation TV is a microconsole that plays Vita games and includes RemotePlay and media streaming. Ideal for people who want to play portable games on a big telly, we suppose.