PS4 Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Bundle

Can you stop the Heartless from taking over the universe? Follow Sora and his friends (Donald Duck and Goofy) on a perilous adventure through beautiful Disney and Pixar worlds to save us from invasion.

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PS4 Pro 1TB Black Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro Bundle
Kingdom Hearts III

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1 prices checked from 1 retailers including GAME, Amazon, Argos & Currys

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    It’s not every day that a game 14 years in the making finally arrives. Sony knew this, and as such decided to celebrate the occasion with the release of this attractive yet wonderfully subtle limited edition 1TB PS4 Pro based on Kingdom Hearts III. The special edition console doesn’t deviate too much from the standard matte black PS4 Pro design, choosing to play it cool by featuring an intricate pattern that dutifully depicts the iconic Kingdom hearts emblem.

    If you’re looking to bag one of these PS4 Pro + Kingdom Hearts III bundle beauties, you can rely on Consoles Deals to keep you up to date with an accurate price across a host of online retailers that still keep this item in stock. On what better console is there to experience Sora and friends’ concluding adventure to defeat the heartless?

    More about Kingdom Hearts III on PS4

    Sora, Donald and Goofy return in this final instalment to Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts trilogy. What once began as a seamless mashup between Final Fantasy characters and some of Disney and Pixar’s most magical locations will finally come to a head. Countless tie-ins and spin-offs have been building to this since the original game’s release in 2002, but will the evil Heartless stay defeated for good this time?

    Kingdom Hearts III is a semi open-world JRPG that transports players to various locations across the Disney universe, befriending familiar characters such as Monsters Inc.’s Mike and Sully, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Hercules from, well, Hercules. You as Sora are tasked with defending them from the Heartless invasion, casting spells and swinging your hefty Keyblade to keep the enemy forces at bay.

    Kingdom Hearts III marks the best the series has ever looked to date, with certain worlds and characters looking near-perfect to their big screen counterparts. Enjoy the beautiful, interactive worlds for everything they have to offer, and when you’ve spare time, there are over 20 minigames inspired by Disney animated shorts to jump in and have fun with. Kingdom Hearts III isn’t short on things to do.