Nintendo Switch Deals

Nintendo Switch Deals

The best place to compare 1062 different console bundles for the latest innovation from Nintendo, the console-handheld hybrid Nintendo Switch. With prices ranging from £184.95 to £699.99 and our state of the art filtering system, Console Deals is the only site you need to find your dream Switch bundle for the best price out there.

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Nintendo Switch: Neon Blue & Neon Red Joy-Con - Extended Battery Life
216 deals from £274.99
Nintendo Switch Lite: Grey
180 deals from £184.95
Nintendo Switch Lite: Turquoise
172 deals from £189.90
Nintendo Switch Lite: Yellow
171 deals from £195.00
Nintendo Switch: Grey Joy-Con - Extended Battery Life
170 deals from £279.00
Nintendo Switch Lite: Coral
125 deals from £198.00
Nintendo Switch: Fortnite Wildcats Bundle
17 deals from £279.85
Nintendo Switch Lite: Pokemon Zacian & Zamazenta Edition
4 deals from £276.85

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Today’s best Nintendo Switch deals

It's now just a month to go until Black Friday, the day when we traditionally see the best console deals of the year. Deals have been very hard to come by this year on the Switch, with stock being virtually impossible to find for several months earlier in the year. However, we're starting to see some hints that we could get some quite enticing deals now. Particularly if you're looking for a console with game bundle, either on the main Nintendo Switch console or the Lite version, we could see some retailers effectively giving away some big titles, including perhaps Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for free. 

And don't forget, there's no need to wait for Black Friday itself. We tend to see a lot of very good deals from up to a week before the day, while the actual Black Friday offers go live on the Thursday evening. Remember that Console Deals is the only website you need to track all the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals from all the UK's leading retailers.

Three different models

There are now three different versions of the Nintendo Switch console. For those looking for the full Switch experience, you’ll want the Switch that comes with a predominately red box. This is the latest version of the fully-fledged console, unofficially dubbed the 1.1, the 2019 version, the extended battery version or simply the new version. This console offers all the features such as detachable Joy-Cons and docking capabilities, as well as a battery life that has been improved quite significantly over the original model. All special editions of the main Switch model launched in 2020 and beyond – including the Animal Crossing New Horizons edition – are this model.

For those on a budget, the Switch Lite – which is a dedicated handheld – can play every game within the Switch library, and remains the cheapest way to get access to some of the huge games listed below., but it can’t be attached to the TV and doesn’t have detachable Joy-Cons.

The original Switch is now very tricky to find, but keep an eye out for the box with the TV background – don’t accidentally end up with a smaller battery model instead of the new version!

Nintendo Switch console family

Play three different ways

While the Switch Lite is a pure handheld in the mould of the GameBoy or Nintendo DS, the classic and extended battery update Switch offer three distinct ways to play. Clip the Joy-Con controllers in to play handheld. Detach them and flip the kickstand out to play tabletop either solo or with friends. Dock and play on the TV like a classic console. No matter how you like to play, the Switch lets you. Best of all, as the name suggests, switching between modes is quick and seamless. Only interested in handheld? The Nintendo Switch Lite is the one for you, and will help you save thanks to its lower price!

Nintendo Switch detatched Joy-Cons

Multiplayer revolutionised

As gaming increasingly moves toward online multiplayer, the Switch has embraced local multiplayer thanks to its unique design. The Joy-Con controllers that come as standard with every full model Nintendo Switch can be split up and function as two separate controllers, enabling instant local multiplayer for two players. What’s more, you can achieve this without even having a TV – the Switch comes with a built-in kickstand that means you can set up just about anywhere and engage in some heated Mario Party or Mario Kart battles in next to no time! Games like 51 Worldwide Classics even utilise the Switch laid flat on the table, with players taking it in turns to use it as a game board.

Nintendo Switch exclusive games - splatoon 2 + smash

Legendary exclusive titles

No company can boast the same number of exclusive, beloved gaming franchises as Nintendo, and Switch players have already been spoiled with entries in almost all of Nintendo’s flagship franchises. We’ll soon be revisiting Captain Olimar and his plant pals in the remastered Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Settle into life on an idyllic tropical island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The Legend of Zelda series has had two titles, The Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening. Mario enjoyed a 3D adventure with Super Mario Odyssey, and hit the road in Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, while his brother Luigi went ghost hunting in Luigi’s Mansion 3. And of course, who could forget Pokemon? Relive the classic original generation in Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, or embark on an exciting new quest in Sword and Shield.

Third-party Nintendo Switch games

Huge third-party games

While Nintendo consoles are always most associated with their roster of exclusive first party titles, the Switch has also received a range of highly-rated third party titles. DOOM (and soon DOOM Eternal), FIFA 20, Overwatch, The Witcher 3, Crash Team Racing, Spyro, Rocket League and countless others are available, so you can be confident you’ll never be short of things to play!

Why use us to find the best Nintendo Switch deals?

Console Deals has been around since 2011, and in that time we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of you find the deal you’re looking for on consoles, accessories like controllers and games. Why trust us? We’ve got years of experience searching high and low across all the UK’s best retailers to find the best offers out there. What’s more, we’ve built a specially designed system that updates multiple times an hour and finds deals that other price comparison sites miss. We let you effortlessly compare the best Nintendo Switch bundle offers out there, no matter how many games or accessories are thrown in with each offer.

We’re passionate about helping you find your ideal Nintendo Switch deal, whether it’s the lowest price on the market right now for the console by itself or if you’ve got a very specific bundle in mind. Using the filters above, you can select by model, included games, accessories like controllers, and even the individual UK retailers to help you find what you’re looking for. We also find codes from the likes of Ebay and even show you the special promotional prices, so you’ll have fantastic visibility on where the best deals are. If you’re looking for a great Nintendo Switch deal, look no further than Console Deals. We’re even live over the big holidays of the year, so you won’t miss out on great deals around Christmas Day and Boxing Day!

Find the best value Nintendo Switch bundle

Above, you’ll find hundreds of different Nintendo Switch deals, both on their own and bundled with accessories and games. But how can you ensure you’re getting the absolute best value on your Nintendo Switch bundle? Here’s our top tips:

Nintendo Switch +Nintendo Switch Lite

Main Switch console or Lite

Knowing which of the three Switch model options you’re looking for is a must for when it comes to picking the right bundle for you. The Switch Lite offers great value for money, but can’t be connected to a TV and has no detachable Joy-Cons. The main dockable model of the console is all-singing, all-dancing; it comes with a dock to play on TV and the Joy-Cons can be removed and reconfigured to function as two controllers. However, it comes with a bigger price tag. The third model, the original dockable model, is still occasionally available, but most retailers have now permanently sold out. It is almost identical to the newer model, expect it has a smaller battery life.

Nintendo Switch Online - 12 months

Online or off

Nintendo are gradually expanding the roster of options available via their Nintendo Online service, and we’re seeing more and more bundles popping up with online subscriptions added in. If you’re updating from the original Switch (and don’t need an extra game) or just planning on taking on the world in Fortnite, then a subscription-based bundle is a great choice. Use our accessory filter above to filter down the results to see all bundles of this nature. Online subscribers also get access to a library of classic NES and SNES games to play and titles such as Tetris 99, absolutely free!

Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart 8 bundle

Game or no game

While you can sometimes find a great deal by just picking up a Switch on its own, frequently, opting for a bundle that includes a game is the best way to maximise your savings. Many new games are included within Switch bundles for a fraction of their typical RRP, meaning that if you’ve got a game that you’re desperate to play, it’s always worth checking to see if there’s any bundles out there which include the title at a knock-down price. Once again, you can use the filters above to show only results that contain certain games.

Nintendo Switch console family

Know what you’re buying

Finally, one piece of advice we always stress to our users is to have an idea of what specifically you’re looking for. At busy times, particularly Black Friday and Christmas, there’s so many deals that it can be easy to be thrown off in the search for a bargain. Knowing what specifically you’re looking for and what games or accessories you need bundled in will help you cut through the noise and grab yourself the perfect deal.

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