Black Friday 2017 Deals

Below we've pulled together the top console deals available right now. Be sure to check back often as deals are being updated regularly.

Black Friday Console Deals

We've pulled together all the current Black Friday deals below, make sure you check back regularly as deals are being refreshed all the time.

Last updated: 9:31pm

Xbox One

338 deals from £189.99

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298 deals from £199.85

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Wii U

1 deals from £489.00

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65 deals from £144.99

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117 deals from £74.99

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What we learned from last year

Currys PC World sold 30 TVs a minute on Black Friday morning.

Brits don't do mornings: Forget getting up at 5am for a bargain, Google Trends showed that there was more interest in Black Friday deals at midnight than on the day itself.

More than £3 billion was spent over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Search for terms 'Black Friday PS4 deals', 'Black Friday Xbox deals', and 'Black Friday Xbox One deals' increased by over 1000% compared to any other day in November.

PS4 won the Black Friday console war, but not by much. PS4 sold 139,000 consoles while Xbox One sold 134,000.

Sales of PS4 increased by 28.6% compared to 2014; Xbox One sales by 23.3%.

Black Friday FAQ

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an shopping event that originated in America. It takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Since 2005 it has been the busiest shopping day of the year. Commonly thought of as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, retailers across the country offer massive discounts and limited sale items to encourage customers to shop with them.

Why does the UK get involved?

Black Friday has actually been in the UK since 2003 but it wasn't until Asda's 'Walmart Black Friday by Asda' campaign in 2013 that it became mainstream. Since then more retailers have got involved to try and stay ahead of the competition.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday will be on the 25th November 2016.

Why is it called Black Friday?

'Black Friday' was a colloquial term used by police in America during the 1960s. It wasn't actually a term of endearment, rather it referred to the trouble that the massive traffic jams and overcrowded cities would bring as people descended onto the shops following Thanksgiving. Retailers actually attempted to rename Black Friday but the name had already stuck.

Are all retailers taking part?

There are a number of retailers that have said they will not be taking part in Black Friday. However, common sense would say that with it being the busiest shopping day of the year, even if they do not market it as Black Friday, those retailers will still likely offer discounts.

Will there be any early Black Friday console deals?

There are a number of retailers offering early Black Friday deals including Amazon. GAME tend to run early Black Friday deals on console and games. All these deals will be on our site as normal.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the name for the Monday immediately following Black Friday. Because some people were busy on Black Friday and not everyone was able to find the item they wanted, retailers began to extend their deals to Cyber Monday.

Where can I find the best Black Friday console deals?

We will be updating our site with the best Black Friday console bundles for PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, 2DS and Wii U throughout the day starting from midnight.

Also, you can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page. We'll be updating these as soon as we hear of a new deal.