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  • 19th September 2018

In addition to hardcore RPGs and dating sims, visual novels are commonplace as far as video game genres go in Japan. The Steins;Gate series is one of the most popular examples, and this latest release follows a rag-tag group of tech-obsessed students that find they are able to change past events via e-mail using a modified microwave. If that sounds crazy to you, then you’re not alone. But it’s all part of the Steins;Gate series’ mass appeal.

The story of Steins;Gate Elite is primarily character-driven, with your dialogue and relationship choices affecting the route of the story a whole lot. It’s a fully animated adventure with various branching storylines, and anyone who’s played the original Steins;Gate will be overjoyed to play this remastered version, Steins;Gate Elite, which includes updated visuals and newly animated sequences never seen before.

The best way to play Steins;Gate’s classic time travel story

Steins;Gate Elite is the ultimate version of Spike Chunsoft’s cult classic time travel tale, featuring all new animations that bring added texture to the celebrated story. You’ll work your way through multiple dialogue options, forming relationships with loveable characters that will warm and break your heart the further the story advances.

Classic story, a new way to time leap

Steins;Gate Elite is a fully animated version of the 2009 science fiction classic, coming 10 years after it originally advanced the visual novel genre by including newly animated sequences to bring to life the story and characters fans love. Steins;Gate kicked off the first in an overarching story in the series, so this new Elite version could be the best way to kick it off.

A mature adventure with branching storylines

Being a visual novel, a lot of your time spent in Steins;Gate Elite will be comprised of reading a lot of text, picking dialogue options and fully immersing yourself in the wider time travel story occurring. The good news is that Steins;Gate Elite has a lot of replayablity to it thanks to the various branching storylines, giving new and old players more reasons to go back to change the outcome.

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