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Elden Ring

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  • Available Platforms:
  • Xbox One
  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Developer:
  • FromSoftware
  • Publisher:
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment

Most famous for their work creating immensely tough action-RPGs in Darks Souls, Demon Souls and Bloodborne, FromSoftware are ready to change the gaming landscape again with Elden Ring. It promises to be a new open world, the likes we’ve never seen before, taking certain fantasy tropes and painting them in an incredibly gothic and unexpected light.

Confirmed to be releasing on PS4, PC and Xbox One, very little is known about a specific setting or characters. That’s because FromSoftware is remaining purposefully silent to maintain some of the mystique. However, we do know that it’s the brainchild between legendary developer Hidetaka Miyazaki and acclaimed fantasy author of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin.

A collaboration between FromSoftware and George RR Martin

Martin’s work on Elden Ring has been purely as a consultant, with the well-known fantasy author offering tips as to where to take the new project’s mythos. FromSoftware as also proved its dark fantasy chops in the past, but this unique collaboration indicates that the lore of Elden Ring will be much deeper and more expansive than any prior game made in the vein of Bloodborne or Dark Souls.

A FromSoftware game with much larger focus on RPG elements

Whereas previous FromSoftware games placed emphasis on tactical action, Elden Ring has already been made out to be a third-person action RPG first and foremost. This means character customization, skill upgrades, and other features that help ensure that not one’s person playing Elden Ring will be the same. Add to this the whole ‘role-play’ aspect, and it’s possible we could see multiple endings.

What exactly does Elden Ring refer to?

Explicit story details are extremely scarce, but MiyaZaki has given some inkling as to what the game’s title might refer to. For one, we know that the eponymous Elden Ring has been shattered, referring to how the world itself has plunged into an irreversible descent. The significance of this will act as one of the most important themes the player will be challenged to explore.

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