You’ve seen the console, now here’s your look at the Xbox Series X logo

By Aaron Potter | | 463 |

Before anyone asks, no, it’s not a slow news day. We just thought that you’d be interested in seeing the new logo for Microsoft’s next console. The design has cropped up and spotted as the platform-holder filed a new trademark, which was more than enough for eagle-eyed Reddit users to nag the image and share it with everyone. Here’s how the Xbox Series X logo will look:

Again, nothing too significant or Earth-shattering, but something we should probably all start getting used to. We’re sure to be seeing it a lot for the next 7 to 8 years, if Xbox Series X does indeed still come about in Holiday 2020.

To give Microsoft some credit, this redesign marks a lot bigger shake-up to the previously unveiled PS5 logo that was revealed back in January. If anyone needs a reminder of this simply head to our home page. As for this Xbox Series X logo, it certainly represents a significant step away from what we saw with Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Do you like it? Something tells us that Tony Hawk would be a fan. After all, it does look pretty X-treme.

Aaron Potter

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