Exclusive: Second white Xbox One X bundle leaks, with Forza Horizon 4

By Matt Clough | | | 3229 |

At the end of August, Microsoft announced the first available white Xbox One X console. Available only with Fallout 76, the console mirrors the standard ‘robotic white’ colouring and design style of the One X’s sister console, the One S.

This morning, our deal finder system picked up a listing on Argos for another white One X console:

Xbox One X white Forza Horizon 4 bundle

Like the black One X Forza bundle, this version comes with both the newly-released Horizon 4 and last year’s Motorsport 7 as a bonus pack-in. What is slightly unusual is Forza came out a week ago, with two previously announced bundles. Quite why Microsoft would wait until the game has launched to reveal that it’s another way of getting the elusive white Xbox One X, we’re not sure.

Forza Horizon 4, set in the UK with dynamically shifting seasons, has launched to rave reviews. Now one of Microsoft’s flagship exclusive franchises, the Horizon branch of the Forza series is known for combining incredible realism (via jaw dropping graphics and an enormous roster of cars covering all shapes and sizes) with outrageous set piece stunts rarely found in serious racing simulators.

And the Xbox One X is the perfect piece of hardware on which to play such a technically demanding game. The most powerful home console ever produced, the One X has set the bar that the next generation of consoles – which is increasingly creeping into view – must aspire to better.

Matt Clough

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