Microsoft announce Phantom White Special Edition controller for Xbox One

Never one to leave even the wackiest of gamepad ideas on the table, Microsoft recently revealed its new Phantom White Special Edition Xbox One controller.

The controller starts off as clear white at the bottom before increasingly becoming more translucent further up - to give off a ghostly aesthetic, as you might expect. The Phantom White Special Edition controller marks the second in Xbox’s Phantom series, after a Phantom Black Special Edition controller made its way to store shelves last September.

This lighter version, like its predecessor, is entirely wireless via Bluetooth and comes with a few cool design features built-in. Chief amongst them is the textured grip, useful for Xbox One players who always want to ensure they have a handle on things. Custom button mapping is also included.

Like all Xbox Wireless Controllers, the Phantom White Special Edition will come with a 3.5mm headphone jack as per usual, and is compatible with any of the Xbox One's family of devices and the Xbox Accessories app. The last of which is what allows players to make full use of custom button-mapping.

The Phantom White Special Edition Xbox One controller will release in less than a month on 11th April for an RRP of £59.99. Is that good enough price to give yourself the gift of a ghostly controller? Either way you can trust Console Deals to keep you up to date regarding all the best deals and prices when the controller is available to purchase.

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