Wolfenstein: Youngblood vs Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Which new game this week should you pick up?

By Aaron Potter |

Wolfenstein x Fire Emblem

Games these days have a reputation for arriving thick and fast – so much so that finding the time to squeeze in every major new Triple-A release has increasingly become tricky. With that said, this week alone (or tomorrow to be exact) sees two massive game launches in both Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Fire Emblem: Three…

You can now pre-order the Nintendo Switch Lite Zacian & Zamazenta Edition

By Aaron Potter |

pokemon-sword-and-shield-special-edition-nintendo-switch-lit header

In the mood for Nintendo’s much sleeker, more affordable rendition of its popular hybrid console? Well, lucky for you, pre-orders have finally gone live for the extremely special (and undeniably Pokemon-themed) Zacian & Zamazenta Edition of the Nintendo Switch Lite. This edition of Nintendo’s new hardware upgrade won’t arrive until November, compared to the standard Switch…

PDP’s Faceoff Deluxe+ is the first Switch controller with a built-in headphone jack

By Aaron Potter |

Faceoff deluxe controller header

Up until now, Nintendo Switch players haven’t been able to listen to in-game audio remotely while playing on the big screen – the official Pro controller simply didn’t support it. Headphone enthusiasts can now rejoice, however, as one gamepad manufacturer has finally heeded the call and revealed the very first Nintendo Switch controller to feature…

Nintendo announce revamped version of the classic Switch

By Matt Clough |


Update: Nintendo have confirmed that we’ll be getting the updated Switch in the UK in September. It’s been an unusually busy week in Nintendoland. First, we had the announcement of the Switch Lite, Nintendo’s handheld-only smaller brother of their hugely successful Switch console. Then, Japan’s pre-eminent gaming company announced that the much-rumoured ‘Pro’ version of…

Nintendo rules out the arrival of a Switch Pro in 2019

By Aaron Potter |


If you’re still reeling after Wednesday’s reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite, don’t worry. We wouldn’t blame you. Rumours of it had been circling for so long that it’d seemed like something players would have to will into existence themselves, but then Nintendo surprised everybody by making a smaller, more affordable Nintendo Switch a reality.…

The Nintendo Switch Lite is real, will release on September 20th

By Aaron Potter |

Nintendo Switch Lite header

After what feels like months of ongoing rumours, apparent accessory leaks and speculation, Nintendo has today finally announced that it will released a trimmed-down, more affordable version of the Nintendo Switch this September 20th. It’s officially called the Nintendo Switch Lite, comes in a choice of three pastel colours and is significantly cheaper – sub…