Did Google Stadia mislead players with its launch-day line-up?

By Aaron Potter |

Stadia stremaing

When it was revealed back in June, people were quick to critique the proposed new gaming platform Google presented with Stadia. Could a service entirely powered and informed by the cloud support lag-free gameplay, do away with game downloads outright, and remove the financial barriers that comes with buying games? For the most part, yes,…

All the differences between Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

By Aaron Potter |

Pokemon header

This Friday will see the legion of Pokémon fans worldwide getting ready to “Catch ‘em all” all over again, thanks to the release of the first true mainline entry to arrive on Nintendo Switch. As is tradition, the new Pokémon game will launch as two versions, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield (unless you opt for the…

Product review: PDP LVL50 Wireless Headset (Grey) for PS4

By Aaron Potter |

PDP LVL50 headset header

In need of a good headset for PlayStation 4? After all, choosing one with exceptional sound quality and comfort is the only real way to immerse yourself in a game, ensuring that no noise from the outside world can seep in to distract you. Accessories manufacturer PDP is one of the biggest in North America,…

Product Review: Venom Pro Gamer Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

By Aaron Potter |

Pro Gamer Case outside

When it comes to gaming like a pro, there’s seemingly no end to the list of enhancements geared towards helping players get there. There are pro headsets, pro controllers, but the when it comes to becoming a true professional gamer, the last console you’d likely think of is the Nintendo Switch. That’s because Nintendo has…