Is Rage 2 any good? Should I buy it and where from?

By Aaron Potter |

There’s certainly no shortage of games set in the dilapidated future these days. But as far as post-apocalyptic wastelands go, Rage 2 is one of the wackier renditions by far. If this wasn’t reason enough to check it out on day one, however, we thought we’d highlight a few other ways Bethesda’s latest and greatest…

New Limited Edition Days of Play PS4 slim announced, will arrive this June

By Aaron Potter |

Days of Play PS4

Last night’s State of Play livestream was full of cool announcements that sort of make up for PlayStation’s lack of E3 press conference this year. We got a fresh look at Final Fantasy VII Remake, the unveiling of new asynchronous multiplayer game, Predator: Hunting Grounds, but what we didn’t expected to see was the announcement…

Zombie shooter World War Z is so popular physical copies are in short supply

By Aaron Potter |

World War Z

In an age of 4K streaming, Spotify playlists and Amazon Prime next day delivery, it’s not too often you hear about people not being able to access something – let alone physical copies of a video game. That’s exactly what’s happened to the console version of World War Z, however, a new first-person shooter developed…

Days Gone is the UK’s best-selling physical game in 2019 so far

By Aaron Potter |

Days gone freaker herd

Despite releasing to mixed reviews, PlayStation’s latest big-budget first-party title, Days Gone, has this weekend climbed the sales charts to become the biggest physical sales release of 2019 so far. Competition was fierce fought again NetherRealm’s Mortal Kombat 11 which came in at number two, but it seems that PS4 players still aren’t bored of…

10 iconic games that have been ruined by speedrunning

By Aaron Potter |

Ocarina of time

For most people, video games are something to be savoured, salivated over and enjoyed for an extended period of time. After all, if picking up a new release day one requires you to cough up a not insignificant £40, it makes sense for you not to rush whatever the interactive experience that lies ahead has…

Report: PlayStation 5 exists, it’s backwards compatible but won’t arrive in 2019

By Aaron Potter |

Mark cerny

An exclusive WIRED interview conducted with PlayStation lead architect Mark Cerny has today revealed further information regarding Sony’s upcoming “next-gen console”. In it, Cerny revealed a bunch of insightful details that help give us a better clue about what’s in store for the PS4’s successor (presumably named the PS5). The biggest titbit being that it…