Nintendo to launch SNES version of the New 3DS XL

Nintendo have always been quite adamant that, despite the success of the Switch, they had no intention of ending their dedicated handheld range. Last month's release of the New 2DS XL helped to quash rumours that they were preparing to bring the curtain down on the 2DS/ 3DS range. And today, they've poured more water on the idea.

With the highly anticipated and incredibly in-demand Classic Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System launching next month, the Japanese gaming giant are launching the next best thing for those who can't get their hands on one or want their gaming on the go.

On the 13th of October, the New Nintendo 3DS XL - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Edition will launch. Nintendo have had plenty of fun poked at them in recent times for the naming taxonomy they've adopted for the 3DS, and this is not going to help at all. However, many will be willing to give them a free pass based on how good looking this device is.

As well as obviously taking design cues from the eponymous SNES, this edition of the New 3DS XL evokes the iconic and beloved first colour scheme of the original GameBoy. With access to Nintendo's ever-expanding Virtual Console catalogue, this 3DS might just be the ultimate way to engage in retro gaming available today.

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