PlayStation unveils a new PS4 Pro and accessories in honour of The Last of Us 2’s upcoming release


Just when you thought we’d seen the last of special edition PS4 consoles, today Sony has revealed via a post on the PlayStation blog that a suite of new products will be released to coincide with the release of The Last of Us 2. The headline act is a uniquely designed PS4 Pro £349.99) complete with matte finish, which prominently features a Firefly logo etched onto the top of the console model’s main body.

Prospective players that pick this up will also get a similarly themed Dualshock 4 ($64.99 USD), as you’d expect, with a logo for The Last of Us 2 featured on the controller’s central touchpad and more Firefly etchings featured on the right-side grip. The post does, however, only confirm the limited-edition bundle’s release in the USA and Canada, but we now know - thanks to listings appearing on GAME - that this PS4 Pro console bundle will also be available in the UK.

Anyone not wanting to fork out hundreds of pounds this late in the PS4 lifecyle are thankfully in luck. The Dualshock 4 controller is being made available for purchase separately, alongside a slew of other PS4 goodies including a Gold Wireless Headset ($99.99 USD) and even an appropriately themed hard drive ($89.99 USD). Said drive is an officially licenced Seagate 2TB, which will be more than enough to store The Last of Us 2 and then some once connected to your PS4.

It’s clear that Sony is going all out for The Last of Us 2’s release on June 19th, rolling out the red carpet by releasing several tie-in merch. As already mentioned, this will likely be every PS4 player's last chance at grabbing a new limited-edition console, unless Sony also has something up their sleeve for Ghost of Tsushima. Until then, however, rest easy knowing that you can pre-order both The Last of Us 2 and its new PS4 Pro below:

The best pre-order price for The Last of Us 2 PS4 Pro console:

The best pre-order price for The Last of Us 2:

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