A New Pokémon Snap game is “coming soon” for Nintendo Switch

The Pokémon Company held an insightful, albeit brief video presentation earlier today where it revealed that a new entry in the Pokémon Snap spin-off series is being worked on. Aptly titled New Pokémon Snap, this sequel to the cult classic GameCube original will once again challenge players to photograph as many Pokémon as possible – now with even more generations thrown in.

The announcement was made alongside a range of other titles, such as Pokémon Teeth which is designed to help younger-skewing layers to brush their teeth well enough and Pokémon Café. The latter of which has launched today for both Nintendo Switch and smartphone devices. The presentation finished off with a reminder that Sword and Shield’s first expansion, Isle of Armor, has launched today. You may very well be playing it already.

As for New Pokémon Snap no hard release date was revealed. Instead all we got was the ominous “coming soon”, which indicates that the game is still fairly deep in development. Regardless, it very much seems like it will look and play a lot like the original Pokémon Snap, though it’s still not clear whether or not this is an entirely new entry or just a ground-up remake touting new features. The Pokémon Company will host yet another presentation next week, so we could learn more then.

Until that time, however, 2020 looks like it’s a great time to be a Pokémon fan. We’ll keep you posted when an official New Pokémon Snap release date is announced, so you know where’s the best place to pre-order your copy.

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