New Disney-inspired Limited Edition Switch is exclusive to Japan

Who are we to say what the engineer bods over at Nintendo are thinking when they create their crazy console designs? However, with this latest one, we have been left scratching our heads a little. This October 10th, they will be releasing this Purple and Pink Japan-only model, which pulls inspiration from Disney’s cute and cuddly Tsum Tsum imprint.

It’s all in celebration of a new game tie-in that is set to launch around the same time, Tsum Tsum Festival, which is pitches as a party puzzle game that features various Disney and Nintendo characters. On top of the various Tsum Tsum graphics and Mickey Mouse-eared home button, the dock itself also sports the decorative pattern design.

Tsum Tsum Switch Joy-Con

As mentioned, the Tsum Tsum Nintendo Switch is a limited edition that is currently planned to only see the light of day in Japan, but then who’s to say whether or not Western Disney fans will have the opportunity to snap one up? The bundle will retail for ¥36,000 when it launches in October. That’s roughly £266 here in the UK, which would put it in line with most other standard Switch bundles.

Don’t want to wait for the announcement of a UK release date? Why not quell your Limited Edition Nintendo Switch thurst by pre-ordering the upcoming Zacian & Zamazenta Edition below?

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