Microsoft has revealed its new ‘Pulse Red’ wireless controller for Xbox Series X

Not one for letting Nintendo’s Mario to have all the fun, Microsoft this afternoon has announced that it will soon be adding a fourth colour to its line of official Xbox Series S|X controllers. The new colour is dubbed ‘Pulse Red’ and is seemingly a good alternative to the already attractive ‘Shock Blue’ Xbox controller colour.

The news came by way of a blog post earlier today over on the Xbox News wire, where Microsoft’s director of product marketing Navin Kumar described the new colour as a “vivid, fiery red”. He’s not wrong. The Pulse Red controller certainly looks to live up to its namesake, hoping to set the pulses of Xbox players racing when it begins to hit shelves in mid-February.

Design-wise, the Pulse Red Xbox controller doesn’t look too dissimilar from previous gamepad options, though its unique use of three colour tones – Red, Black and White – as opposed to the traditional two helps give it a distinct look. The shade of Red also evokes a certain moustachioued video game plumber, to the point that at a glance you could mistake the Xbox button in the centre for the Mario logo. Is this yet another subtle hint that Xbox Game Pass could be coming to Nintendo Switch? Hey, we can at least dream.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the Official Xbox Series S|X controller – Pulse Red becomes available for pre-order. Our best guess is that it won’t be much later than the end of the month. Or if you can’t wait before then, feel free to find the best price on all other available colours below:

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