Gran Turismo bundle comes with PS4 Pro, PS VR - and an actual car

Here at Console Deals, we do our best to help you find the best value deals out there, whether in terms of price or what the deal comes bundled with. Often this means comparing dozens of retailers with the same deal in order to find the best price.

However, every now and then, one deal pops up that no other retailer dares - or is able to - match. Such was the case in Taiwan this week, where Sony's official arm in the country announced a special one of a kind bundle to tie in with the launch of the highly anticipated Gran Turismo Sport.

The Gran Turismo series has been a staple of the PlayStation family for two decades now, and is famous for its dedication to creating the most pinpoint accurate racing simulation experience available. No matter if its the dizzying selection of cars available or the minute level of detail to which you can tune your car, Gran Turismo has long been the true driving fan's choice.

GT Sport PS4 Pro VR car bundle

This special bundle sought to commemorate that status, by including:

  • The game (obviously)
  • A PS4 Pro console
  • PS VR, including headset, controllers and camera
  • 12 months subscription to PlayStation Plus
  • A 4K Sony Bravia TV
  • A Thrustmaster steering wheel and pedals
  • An APIGA racing seat
  • Oh, and a 2018 Mazda MX-5 with a custom GT Sport paint job

Naturally, given the slightly out of the box nature of the final item within the bundle, the price is fairly lofty. The MX-5 typically costs somewhere in the region of £25,000 - £30,000, which makes the bundle's total cost of $46,000 (£35,000) slightly more palatable.

In case you're wondering why you won't find this bundle listed amongst our PS4 deals, it's because it's already out of stock, having been purchased by a car collector. But don't despair, there's still plenty of GT Sport - PS4 bundles out there, albeit without the Mazda.

Images courtesy of 4Gamers via NeoGAF.

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