Free NOW TV Entertainment Pass with select PS4 Bundles from GAME

If you’re someone who enjoys gaming but is also in high anticipation of the various CGI dragons set to circle the skies of Westeros as part of Game of Thrones’ final season, boy do we have the perfect pairing for you!

GAME is offering select PS4 bundles along with a free NOW TV Pass, specifically one relating to its Entertainment vertical. Such pass will grant you access to hundreds of hours’ worth of SKY TV programming, and could be the smartest way of seeing whether or not a long-term subscription is for you.

This particular deal is great in that the free NOW TV Pass is not exclusive to just one bundle, but a couple actually – so there’s likely one relevant to you and your taste in games. You can get a 500GB PS4 Slim bundled with Red Dead Redemption 2, The Last of Us, The Division and South Park, for example, along with a free NOW TV Pass all for under £260. Cowboys riding on horseback not your thing? GAME has a version that swaps Red Dead out for Fifa 19.

Bundles like those mentioned above could cost you anywhere upwards of £350 when purchased separately, meaning that the free NOW TV Pass and PS4 console combo could save you close to £100. The number of bundles this offer applies to might admittedly seem confusing to begin with, but that’s where Console Deals is here to help by comparing those applicable to help find the right one for you.

For those unaware, NOW TV works similarly to other subscriptions services present in the UK like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The big difference being that the bulk of its content covers shows typically included as part of Sky’s satellite TV service, making shows like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and True Detective readily streamable. GAME’s console bundles come with a free NOW TV Pass that will covering you for two months. More than enough time to binge a few boxsets.

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