Wolfenstein Youngblood, Final Fantasy XV and Death Squared coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has revealed the latest round of games that will be joining the Xbox Game Pass line-up in February, giving members plenty of good cause to get excited and stay subscribed. The three games are none other than Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Death Squared – a healthy mix of game genres if ever there was one.

The announcement was made on the official Xbox news wire, where they also revealed that games leaving soon would include Epic Mickey 2, Pumped BMX Pro and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Were meant to get around to some of these but just haven’t found the time? You might want to load them up quick and jump in. Still, the three new games coming to Xbox Game Pass are all heavy-hitters, so we’ll forgive the others for leaving.

It all kicks off on February 6th, where Final Fantasy XV will be available for download to subscribers. The 15th canonical instalment into Square Enix’s classic RPG series, the game casts you as prince Noctus and sets you on a road trip of sorts alongside friends. Wolfenstein: Youngblood also arrives that day, being a co-op driven first-person shooter that sees BJ Blaskowicz’s daughters track down their lost dad.

Finally, just over a week later on February 13th, Death Squared will be added to the line-up. What’s Death Squared? Only one of the best team puzzle games around, tasking you and friends to guide a colour-coded roster of robots to their goals while avoiding traps and hazards. All of Xbox Game Pass’ new additions will are for subscribers on console, while on PC Death Squared is swapped out for Death’s Gambit.

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