Division 2 and Anthem bundles coming to Xbox

There's a few huge games on the horizon early in 2019, and Microsoft are doing their level best to hoover up the marketing rights to as many of them as they can. Last month brought the news that we'd be getting a Metro Exodus bundle for the Xbox One X, and in the past 24 hours we've got word that both Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and Anthem are getting bundles.

First thing's first, unfortunately none of the bundles contain a special version of the consoles involved. It's always nice to see some variety to commemorate a new game, and Microsoft have had an excellent track record of producing great looking special consoles and peripherals this generation.

The Anthem bundle is very straightforward. There's only one available, and it's for the Xbox One S (1TB model). This is quite a surprise given the emphasis that Microsoft have been placing on the more powerful One X in recent months. With rumours swirling that we could see new Xbox consoles by the end of next year, we would have bet on seeing more bundles solely focused on the One X, not the other way around.

As well as the 1TB console the bundle comes with a digital copy of Anthem's Legion of Dawn Edition. This gives you, on top of the game itself, legendary armour and weapon packs, as well as a digital copy of the game's soundtrack. It also comes with a 1 month pass for EA Access, 1 month of Xbox Game Pass, and 1 month of Xbox Live Gold. This last inclusion is particularly important, as Anthem requires an online subscription to play.

The Anthem bundle launches on the 22nd of Feburary.

Moving on to The Division 2, we're getting bundles for both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Both bundles come with a 1TB console, a digital copy of the game's standard edition, a month of Game Pass and a month of Xbox Live Gold. Both bundles launch on the 15th of March.

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