Despite ongoing supply issues, PS5 is still “comfortably the market leader” here in the UK

Like the irregular drips of a faulty kitchen tap, PlayStation 5 stock continues to be troublesome here in the UK. Whenever Sony’s next-gen console does eventually appear it’s always in fits and starts, leaving honest players wondering if this will finally be the time that the glorious white box gets added to their basket. Such restraint supply might cause you to think that the PS5 has been struggling to sell here in the UK, but that’s not the case according to a reputable industry analyst.

The PlayStation 5 is still “comfortably” the console market leader in the UK, having sold the most units throughout the first six months of 2021. The factoid was revealed by’s Christopher Dring earlier this week on Twitter, where he explained that “Over a million games consoles have been sold in the UK during the first half of the year” and that PS5 was easily the one on top. Nintendo Switch is in second place, followed by both the Xbox Series S and X in third.

We at Console Deals have also noticed that PS5 consoles continue to sell better and much faster than the two other platforms. Because while Xbox Series X stock can sometimes be equally elusive, Microsoft’s box generally sticks around in the online store listings for upwards of an hour. PlayStation 5, by comparison, can sell out within the span of 10 minutes whenever bundles appear at GAME, Smyths or Currys PC World.

There’s no word yet from Sony as to whether PS5 stock will begin to level out soon. As such, supply constraints are expected to persist throughout the remainder of the year. We’ll continue to update you via our dedicated PS5 stock page and social channels whenever PS5 bundles come back in. However, despite units still only arriving in fits and starts, the PS5 has been big business for Sony.

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