Pre-ordering Death Stranding will get you this snazzy alternate cover

Death Stranding is shaping up to be one of the biggest PS4 titles of 2019. And to be honest, you wouldn’t expect anything less for the next game from legendary video game developer Hideo Kojima. It’ll be his first non-Metal Gear Solid release since his very public breakaway from Konami, so why not discover how its panned out by pre-ordering the game to receive this exclusive over art?

The so-called ‘Higgs Variant’ of Death Stranding replaces that standard cover art featuring Norman Reedus’ Sam, instead turning focus to the villainous Higgs character who’s voiced by Troy Baker in the game. It certainly looks very striking, drawing immediate attention to the gold luminous skull of the character’s face by bordering it with a black background.

Death Stranding

The Death Stranding Higgs Variant is exclusive to Amazon UK, meaning that if you’re adamant on getting it you’ll have to pre-order it there. This version won’t include any in-game benefits or exclusive content, just the mysterious-looking alternative cover that slides off to reveal the design that most players will receive on launch day.

Does this box art do it for you? We think it works as a nice extra aesthetic perk for those willing to pre-order it from Amazon. Get it here:

Failing that you can check out the best current price for Death Stranding across all retailers it here:



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