The best 10 upcoming Xbox One games in 2020

By Aaron Potter |

wasteland 3

Despite gearing up for the release of Xbox Series X later on this year, Xbox One continues to be a platform worth getting excited about throughout 2020. That’s due to all the great games still coming out, with Xbox One’s line-up being one of the most diverse of out of the three major home consoles.…

The best 10 upcoming PlayStation 4 games in 2020

By Aaron Potter |

The Last of Us Part II header

PlayStation has cultivated quite the selection of first-party exclusives in the years leading up to 2020. From Greek god action epics to art-based adventure stories that sees you wield the power of graffiti, you can bet there’s plenty of diverse games to jump into on PlayStation 4. However, just because the current console is reaching…

Best 10 upcoming Nintendo Switch games in 2020

By Aaron Potter |

No more heroes 3

We won’t lie, 2019 marked an extremely exciting year for the House of Mario. Not only did we see the return of staple Nintendo franchises like Pokémon, Super Mario Maker and Luigi’s Mansion, but we also witnessed the introduction of totally new platform exclusives likes Astral Chain. You wouldn’t know this heading into the year,…

Five features we’d like to see in a potential Nintendo Switch Pro

By Aaron Potter |

Nintendo Switch Finance

In between continued rumblings of two upcoming Wii U ports and speculation of a new Direct livestream incoming very soon, the Nintendo Switch seemingly can’t get away from the rampant workings of the rumour mill. Well, if that wasn’t already enough, several reliable reports and sources have revived the belief that a so-called “Nintendo Switch…