Our Favourite Battlefield Moments

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One of the most anticipated games of the year, Battlefield 1, hits store shelves this week and we have already got our fingers crossed that it breaks 2016’s ‘hype curse’. What do we mean? Well, up-to-yet, we’re hard-pressed to think of a game released this...

Xbox One S price drops to £199 bundled with FIFA 17

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Update 23/9/16 9:00am: Bundle is back in stock, pre-order here. Update 23/9/16 9:00am: Bundle is currently out of stock, however, you can pick up an Xbox One S with FIFA 17, Overwatch, and the highly rated Forza Horizon 3 for just £264 from Tesco....

PS4 Slim 500GB & 1TB Bundles coming to Europe

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On September 7th, Sony put at end to months of speculation by revealing two new consoles at their PlayStation event, the PS4 Pro (formerly known as Neo) and PS4 Slim. The Slim was fully expected, having appeared a couple of weeks earlier on various auction...

Xbox One S vs PS4 Slim: which delivers the most?

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We don’t know who’s copying who, but Xbox One and PlayStation 4 seem to be following very similar paths. Both have new powered-up iterations coming in the shape of Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 Neo. And both have slim versions out this autumn: Xbox...

5 Facts About The New PS4 Slim

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Fact 1: It’s been a PR disaster Sony has been having a bit of a nightmare recently. First up was No Man’s Sky. While not a commercial failure, (as The Know proved) it has been torn apart on Twitter and Reddit and will probably...

Latest Console Game Reviews


Battleborn Review

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The latest offering from Gearbox, and a spiritual successor to their hit Borderlands series, Battleborn spins the yarn of its namesake, a ragtag bunch of heroes who are thrown together from all corners of the universe in order to protect its last, threatened star from the evil Rendain. This...


Pokemon X & Y – Your Pokemon is Evolving!

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Pokémon has been held at a slight stand still due to the previous 2 generations being on the Nintendo DS. But now with the additions of Pokémon X and Y in generation VI taking full advantage of the graphical potential of the Nintendo 3DS I believe that Game Freak...


Total War: Rome 2 – Total Drag

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I’ve been a big fan of the Total War franchise since my first encounter with Shogun: Total War. So, i was mega excited this weekend to hone my Gladius and begin an epic conquest in Total War:Rome 2. My first thoughts were of just how great the game looked,...