Is the Xbox One kid and family friendly?

The Xbox One is, along with the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, one of the three major games systems available today. Despite historically lacking the same popularity as the PlayStation and not boasting the innovative design of the Switch, the latest version of the Xbox One remains a popular console.

As such, your son or daughter may well have asked for one. If you’re reading this to see whether the Xbox One is the best - or most appropriate - console for a younger gamer, then you’re in the right place.

This guide goes into detailed answers on some of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Console Deals about the Xbox, in order to help you decide whether the One is the console for your family.

What are some of the best family-friendly games available on the Xbox One?

FIFA 18, this year’s edition of the hugely popular football game, remains a perennial favourite both online and for local multiplayer. Minecraft has experienced enduring popularity and you can even get a special Minecraft-edition console and controllers! Xbox One exclusive Forza Horizon 3 offers high-octane driving action that isn’t so realistic as to be too difficult for younger players.

What are the best kids games on the Xbox One?

All the major cross-platform games, such as FIFA 18 and Minecraft, are available on the Xbox One. Regarding exclusives, Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7 are both ESRB rated E, meaning suitable for everyone. Sea of Thieves, another Xbox exclusive, is rated as T, for teens.

What types of Xbox One are there?

There will be three types of Xbox One available; the original Xbox One, the One S and the One X.

The original console is discontinued now, and few bundles will contain it, but you may be able to find a bargain on the refurbished market.

The One S is the standard base model of the console, and will be the best choice for getting a great deal. It is now available for less than £200 with a game included.

The One X launched last November and is extremely powerful, possibly more so than most families will need. The RRP is £449.99, but it can be found for up to £30 less than that.

You can read a more comprehensive breakdown of the differences between the three consoles here.

How long has the system been out?

The original Xbox One launched in November 2013. The One S launched in August 2016. The One X will launch on November 7th, 2017.

When is the Xbox One likely to be replaced?

It’s hard to say for certain when the next ‘generation’ Xbox will launch and replace the One family. As Microsoft have only just launched the One X, it seems unlikely that we’ll see a successor to the system before Q4 2019 at the least, meaning there’s plenty of time to get your money’s worth out of buying an Xbox One now.

Who is the Xbox One aimed at?

Having began life positioned firmly as an ‘all ages’ console with the Kinect motion sensor camera (which is now largely redundant), Microsoft have more recently sought to reposition the Xbox One as the gamer’s choice of home console. The One X, releasing in November 2017, is the most powerful console ever, and has been designed with dedicated gamers in mind.

How much will a basic setup cost?

The One S is now often available bundled with at least one game for under £200. Controllers typically cost around £40, while a year’s subscription to the online Xbox Live games service and games are normally around the same cost.

What parental controls does it have?

The Xbox One caters to a wide range of parental control options through its use of dedicated child accounts. You can restrict what games and apps your children can view, depending on their profile, what they can look at on the internet via the Microsoft Edge app, and what apps they’re able to download from the online store, including limiting them to only free apps.

What can it do other than play games?

Both the One S and the One X come with an HD Blu-ray DVD player built in, which is fantastic for families that love films. It also supports 4K Ultra HD playback of certain media through apps such as Netflix and YouTube.

It offers a full suite of the apps you’d expect, including popular video-on-demand services like the two mentioned above, BBC iPlayer, All 4 and others, meaning it’s a great choice for a console if your TV has limited ‘smart’ functionality. You can also browse the web via the Microsoft Edge app.

How important is the Xbox One’s online gaming mode?

Though there are plenty of single player-focused games on the Xbox One, of the three consoles out now, it is probably most reliant on online for getting the most out of its library. The PS4 and Switch have both got more notable single player-focused exclusives currently than the Xbox. Definitely something to bear in mind if you want to stop your kids from accessing parts of the online community.

Can players on an Xbox One play against those with other consoles online?

All Xbox One games can also be played on PC, with some offering cross play compatibility between those two platforms. A select number of games, including Rocket League, also have cross play functionality with the Switch. However, it remains unlikely that Xbox One players will ever be able to play against those on PS4. If your child is wanting to play with their friends, which consoles they own is a potential dealbreaker.

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