Best GAME Black Friday 2019 gaming deals

One of the most recognisable UK retailers both online and on the high street, GAME has positioned itself as your one-stop shop for all things gaming and entertainment. With that said, it’s also notorious for taking Black Friday incredibly seriously each time it rolls around – and 2019 is set to be the biggest Black Friday year yet for GAME. You should expect all manner of great discounts and price cuts to individual games as well as Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One bundles, so let’s take a closer look just as to why that might be.

Finding the best GAME Black Friday Deals for 2019

When we said GAME always takes Black Friday seriously, we meant it. This is largely because both PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox console have been confirmed to arrive as soon as Holdiay 2020, meaning that this represents GAME’s final chance to strongly slash the prices of PS4 and Xbox One by quite some way. Black Friday 2019 is the perfect opportunity. However, with GAME you’ll need to shop smartly – especially since some offers are exclusive online and vice versa.

GAME has officially stated that it is “well underway prepping our best PS4, Xbox One and Switch deals for Black Friday 2019”, promising people that they’ll have deals people won’t want to miss out on. While nowhere near as drastic, GAME is already giving players the means to make a saving with a series of offers leading up to November 29th. Right now, for instance, a whole host of popular PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch games fall under the ‘Buy One, Get One Half Price’ offer.

As the UK’s only retailer entirely dedicated to video games, the literal stock of consoles at GAME will likely last much longer than other retailers that are more diverse. Still, this is only a good factor should the Black Friday deals themselves stand toe to toe with those being offered elsewhere, of which we’re pretty sure they will. Whether you’re in the market to upgrade to or purchase outright a new Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 in Black Friday 2019, GAME is as strong a player as any.

GAME Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals & bundles

As the UK's biggest games dedicated retailer, you can expect GAME to offer great discounts on both the original Nintendo Switch model and the Lite version. Take a look here:

Best Nintendo Switch bundle Black Friday deal from GAME:

Best Nintendo Switch Lite bundle Black Friday deal from GAME:

Long-time bargain hunters will no doubt have noticed that Nintendo isn’t one to fall in line when it comes to discounting their consoles. Usually the way it offsets this is by increasing the value of its Nintendo Switch bundles by including various first-party exclusives, so GAME will be doing this again for Black Friday 2019. The standard price of an original Nintendo Switch model is £279.00; the best case scenario will see this dip to £269, but your best chance is to opt for a deal from GAME that bundles in a new release worth £40 like Luigi’s Mansion 3 or Pokémon Sword and Shield.

If you’re apprehensive to pay over £200 for a Nintendo Switch, there exists the perfect solution in the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is Nintendo’s cheaper, sleeker and much more handheld-focussed rendition of its highly popular hybrid console, one that can only be played portably but has a standard RRP of £199.99 as a result. GAME will slash the price of this on Black Friday 2019 by £20, we’d guess. With any luck it’ll also have a new high-profile release packaged in.

GAME PS4 Black Friday deals & bundles

GAME is offering a string of great PS4 Black Friday bundles and deals. Here's the best offers you can find currently:

Best PS4 Slim bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

Best PS4 Pro bundle Black Friday deal from Argos:

Because of the incoming arrival of PlayStation 5 in Holiday 2020, players should expect some deeply discounted sales when it comes to PlayStation 4. After all, this is GAME’s last chance to shift as many PS4 units as possible before it becomes obsolete and in the hands of players before such high-profile releases as The Last of US Part II and Ghost of Tsushima arrive next year. Last year’s Black Friday sales saw GAME feature some great PS4-related deals and 2019 should be no different.

For example, in 2018, GAME’s major PS4 Slim bundle offer was the one that came with Red Dead Redemption 2, Doom and three free months of NOW TV. Rockstar’s cowboy magnum opus had only just recently released, but already you could get all this for just £249.99. That was pretty great considering that this is still the standard rate for a PS4 Slim console on its own. Black Friday 2019 will see GAME drop the price of PS4 Slim bundles even more, possibly with an equally impressive title similarly bundled in. Perhaps a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Black Friday enthusiast should also expect to find a great deal on PS4 Pro from GAME, too. As the PS4’s more powerful hardware iteration, it can render games at a much smoother framerate with improved HDR and visuals that are closer to 4K quality. The standard RRP for the PS4 Pro is £349.99, but we’re confident that GAME will reduce this to well under £300 in honour of Black Friday 2019.

GAME Xbox One Black Friday deals & bundles

The Xbox One family of consoles is already the cheapest by this point, but that hasn't stopped GAME from offering some great Black Friday deals. Take a look at the best current Xbox One offers:

Best Xbox One S bundle Black Friday deal from GAME:

Best Xbox One X bundle Black Friday deal from GAME:

Those looking to play modern releases should absolutely consider picking up an Xbox One console from GAME this Black Friday 2019. Not only is it the cheapest of the three consoles via the Xbox One S (priced at £179.99), but Microsoft’s next console is also set to arrive in late 2020. We think it’s sensible, therefore, for the Black Friday deals on Xbox One S consoles to be some of the most enticing, possibly seeing bundles sell for as low as £140 – an incredible entry price!

Now, of course, much like its PS4 rival, Xbox also has a souped-up console that allows gamers to enjoy improved visuals, smoother gameplay and reduced load times. It’s called the Xbox One X and as “the world’s most powerful console” is the most expensive on the market at £449.99. However, as with what will be happening with the Xbox One S, the X will also have its price strongly slashed.  GAME should be selling Xbox One X bundles for as low as £380, going by what they had last year.

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