The 10 best PSVR games you can play on PS4 in 2020


PSVR exploded onto the scene back in 2016 to quickly become the easiest, most affordable way to let players experience virtual reality gaming. In the four years since this release – many of which can’t be played anywhere else. Here we’ll run through the 10 best PSVR games for PlayStation 4 you can buy in 2020, helping you wade through the subpar and strap your face straight into the immersive good stuff.

This ranking will cover a range of PSVR games that span all kinds of different genres, making it easy to quickly find a title perfectly suited to everyone’s tastes. Better yet, we’ll even pull in the best price for all these titles from around the web. That way if any of the following 10 best PSVR games takes your fancy, you can be assured you’re getting a good deal. Let’s take a look…

10. Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect might initially strike you as just a much prettier version of the classic Russian puzzler, but look deeper and you'll discover a wholly immersive PSVR experience that envelops you into a vibrant colourful atmosphere. Don’t get us wrong, you’re still matching and dropping different-shaped tiles in a bid to clear as many lines as possible, only now you’re doing so amidst all manner of vibrant 3D environments that change and adapt depending on your progress.

The result is a game that breathes new life into the Tetris format, quite literally giving you a strong case of “tetris effect” that truly proves the power of virtual reality – and it’s all backed up by an amazing soundtrack that slaps. All these reasons and more are why Tetris Effect easily makes our list of the 10 best PSVR games you can currently buy.


9. Firewall: Zero Hour VR

Firewall Zero Hour VR

Perhaps best described as “Rainbow Six: Siege but in virtual reality”, the developers behind Firewall: Zero Hour knew exactly what they were doing when attempting to translate the squad-shooting actions of most military shooters in PSVR. It’s a PSVR exclusive so looks and plays great, being one of the few games that’s fully compatible with the PSVR Aim controller that provides an authentic two-handed weapon experience. VR multiplayer shooters don’t get better than this.

Teamwork is everything in Firewall: Zero Hour, where two teams of 4 are tasked with battling it against one another in a bid to secure the most kills. Pick from 12 experienced mercenary characters and learn their special skills. From here it’s all about knowing when to attack and when to defend – with both being made all the easier thanks to full 360-degree vision of the combat zone in VR and audio surround sound that lets you hear your enemies every move.


8. Moss


Merging certain aspects of the first-person perspective with those of a classic style 3D platformer, Moss is a narrative-driven action adventure that sees you control a cute mouse called Quill. While you may directly be guiding the little critter, though, at certain points she’ll look up and address you directly in-game, requiring your assistance with whatever or obstacle is standing in her way. Moss places heavy emphasis on this two-way partnership, using it to more widely inform this mix of combat, puzzle-solving and exploration.

Quill’s epic journey will take her through castles, swamplands, and everything in between. You can help by moving around objects, healing her when needed and assisting in battle. You get to explore these stunning environments from a god-like perspective, fully immersed within an ancient world that has a gripping narrative – all thanks to the power of PSVR.


7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn Rush of Blood PSVR

Here’s one not for the faint of heart. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood hearkens back to the light-gun shooters of yesteryear, strapping you into a rollercoaster cart travelling through various creepy and horrific scenarios. It’s a pseudo-sequel to the mainline Until Dawn game, using familiar characters and locations to ratchet up the tension as you try to shoot away incoming enemies with any gun available to you.

Any trigger-happy arcade shooter fan will feel right at home playing Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, showcasing the benefits of virtual reality by simulating the feeling of being on a coaster that’s constantly at risk of being swarmed. The only question should be whether you’re brave enough to step in. Replay levels to get the best score if you dare and challenge your own ability to top the online leaderboards.


6. Farpoint

Farpoint PSVR

Aching to immerse yourself in a Hollywood style space-based adventure, or better yet, your own Christopher Nolan indie? Farpoint could be the answer. Marooned on an alien world and armed with nothing but your spacesuit and trusty rifle, you’re forced to come face to face with hordes of enemies while endeavouring to find a way back home. The whole experience is also playable in co-op, letting you and a friend experience true isolation as you explore and survive through the many secrets of this hostile planet.

Farpoint is a first-person shooter best experience in PSVR using the corresponding Aim controller. With this in hand, you get the true impression that what you’re experiencing is a true one-to-one interaction between you and the game. A Dualshock 4 controller is also an option, but nothing can replace the sensation of pulling the trigger on a gun-shaped peripheral. Master an arsenal of cool weapons, explore the virtual reality of space and enjoy the ride.


5. Iron Man VR


Telling an original tell set within Marvel’s sprawling superhero universe, the aptly named Iron Man VR sets you in the boots of the shellhead himself like never before. You’ll use the PSVR move controllers to blast your way through the sky, taking on several enemy types while attempting to rescue people in need and navigating the air. This isn’t just some glorified tech demo, but rather a full-fledged Triple-A experience that places you in the superpowered driving seat.

It ranks so well on our list of the 10 best PSVR games on PS4 because it’s the first VR experience to let you fulfil the superhero fantasy. When not battling with the villain Ghost as part of the wider storyline, Marvel aficionados will appreciate the attention to detail paid in quieter moments where you as Tony must tweak your suit, explore the mansion and prepare for the next mission. Take to the sky as Iron Man in this blockbuster PSVR exclusive.


4. Superhot

Superhot PSVR

Superhot places you right at the centre of pretty much every action movie you can think of – the catch being that time only ever moves when you do. This means you’re able to take your time and plan tactically when compared to other first-person shooters, choosing your movies and actions so precisely that you’re able to dodge incoming enemies and the bullets they fire. It works remarkably well in PSVR, blurring the line between strategy and chaos.

Things get even more interesting in the VR version of Superhot as soon as you start throwing ninja stars, catching ammo clips and generally living out your own blockbuster star fantasies. It’s extremely easy to feel like a badass in Superhot VR, despite the reality of how you might look while playing to onlookers from the outside world.


3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 reinvigorated Capcom’s classic survival horror series by placing you behind the eyes of the central protagonist, rather than behind the shoulder. This made it a prime candidate to get the PSVR treatment, where you’re better able to feel every scare and moment of tension while being as fully immersed as possible. This is a 10-hour, story-driven single-player campaign that will hold your attention in PSVR for however long you can stand coming face to face with sludge monsters.

You play as Ethan Winters, a humble everyman in search of his lost girlfriend who has gone missing. Your only chance of finding her is by visiting her last known location, a mansion situated in the Louisiana Bayou, and wrestle with the demented Baker family and all the supernatural scare tactics they throw at you. Resident Evil 7 is a masterclass in horror and will have you shaking in your PSVR headset in no time.


2. Blood & Truth

Blood and truth

Based on the standout London Heist level featured in PlayStation VR Worlds, Blood & Truth places you in the shoes of a former soldier turned gangster who is forced to return to his London home when his family is threatened by a rival crime boss. These events set the stage for your own Guy Ritchie-esque action romp that sees you shooting an assortment of weapons, engaging in blockbuster set pieces and more – all as part of your own crime story.

From the moment you slip the PSVR headset on, you’ll have all the abilities and skill of an ex-special forces army veteran. This includes the ability to shoot down enemies with pinpoint accuracy and the ability to throw ammo clips into the air and then catch them in your gun. Live the fantasy of your own action film in Blood & Truth.


1. Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro bot rescue mission

3D puzzle-platformers were all the rage during the ‘90s with iconic mascots like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Banjo-Kazooie treating everyone to their cute brand of jumping and exploring. Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a direct continuation of this simple yet engaging ethos that’s been built from the ground up specifically for PSVR. You exist in the world along with Captain Astro, who needs help locating the missing members of his lost crew.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission will task you with exploring a generous variety of vibrant worlds, each one stuffed with plenty of collectibles and punctuated by a boss fight that feels creative to take down. Use your in-game PlayStation 4 controller as a multi-tool and see it transform into a swathe of handy gadgets like the hookshot and water cannon. Captain Astro needs all the help he can get, and you’re the one to step up to the intergalactic challenge in Astro Bot Rescue Mission.


Honourable mentions

As you can see, despite common misconceptions, PlayStation VR is an extremely vibrant interactive platform with plenty of great experiences to dive into and explore. To prove this, in addition to our top 10 best PSVR games, we’re keeping the fun rolling with a further mention of games that only just missed our list. So, if you’re still left wanting for the best of what PSVR has to offer, here’s a few more to keep you busy:

The Persistence

Resident Evil 7: BioHazard and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood did an incredible job in proving that VR was a platform perfect for the horror genre. You’d think, therefore, that PlayStation VR would be awash with great horror experiences, but the truth is that only a few stand head and shoulders above the pack. One of these is The Persistence, a first-person sci-fi survival-em-up, in which you must explore a deep space colony ship in the attempt to fight your way back home. Every “run” will play out differently, however, forcing you to always think on your feet.


Arizona Sunshine

Gamers are never left wanting when it comes to mowing down hordes of undead zombies from behind the barrel of a gun, but those that want to do so in VR can turn to Arizona Sunshine. It’s a colourfully comedic wave shooter that supports all manner of controllers, tasking players to see how long they can survive across several varied maps. Look no further if you want to handle weapons with real-life movements and test your survival ability in PSVR.


Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Based upon the hit Adult Swim show, this PSVR take on the world of Rick & Morty features the same zany and irreverent humour, casting players as an all-new character who finds themselves caught up in one of Rick’s experiments. Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality is perhaps best described as VR chaos, placing your front and centre as the star of your own episode, on a journey that takes you from one strange world to another. Get yelled at by Rick, Morty and plenty others in this wild PSVR adventure.

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