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Xbox One Kinect
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Xbox One Kinect Sensor

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Take your Xbox One experience to the next level with an Xbox Kinect sensor. Designed to fully immerse you within a range of games, the Kinect is simply a must have if you’re someone that wants complete involvement when playing.

Solve puzzles, slice fruit and even create bridges to alternate worlds in a fantastic range of exciting Kinect games for all the family. Xbox One also has a dedicated range of fitness programmes that utilise the Kinect’s camera to assess your progress and help you optimise your fitness routines. Kinect will even learn what you look like, so there’ll be no need to sign in or switch between profiles when you sit down to play!

It’s beyond games, however, where the Kinect really comes into its own and helps enhance the Xbox One’s already outstanding abilities as a home entertainment system as well as a games console.

Kinect enables you to use voice commands, via Microsoft’s Cortana voice recognition system, and gestures to control your Xbox and your TV without a controller. Whether it’s swapping between your games and apps, taking in-game screenshots or turning the volume up or down, having a Kinect hooked up to your Xbox One opens up a whole world of possibilities.

As well as detecting gestures and movement, the Kinect’s in-built 1080p camera lets you use apps such as Skype to make HD video calls, helping to make your Xbox One console a truly universal home entertainment system.

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