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Today's PS5 stock tracker - September 27th, 2021

Last week was another good week for stock with Amazon and Smyths both having stock , however, that means we might have a bit of a slow down here on out. Game has been one of the steadiest stockers of PS5 so they are well worth watching. So keep your eyes peeled on the links below for if you want to see what potential bundles they have available. Here are the links you need to be prepared (you'll know if stock has dropped if you click on one of their bundles and are met with a queue - we'll keep this page updated when that happens):

Well, Wednesdays must be magic, because last week saw Smyths Toy Store but drop some stock of the Standard edition PS5 in the afternoon. The Digital console SKU was nowhere to be seen. Unlike previous PS5 drops from Smyths stock was only available through its delivery service, as opposed to click-and-collect. This was great as it meant anyone could order one providing they were quick. The next chance of a PS5 stock drop is likely to be next Wednesday now, which has always been a good day for both Amazon and Very, specifically. If either of those will be unleashing PS5 stock at all this week it's likely to be then. Remember: joining our Discord server or following us at @ConsoleDeals on Twitter is your best bet, as you can see we got alerts out earlier for PS5 stock!

We also saw Amazon drop last week. So far, Amazon have had surprisingly limited stock, but they are getting more frequent drops now. You need to be lightning-quick though - with Amazon's popularity, stock rarely lasts longer than a couple of minutes. One trick is check on the main product page whether the console is listed in stock but with a seller, rather than the traditional buy button - stock often appears in this way first. Amazon have, in the past, dropped most often between 8am and 12pm and tend to be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Currys have also launched a daily raffle for the opportunity to buy a console when non-essential retail stores re-open in the UK. You can enter that raffle by clicking here.


There has never been demand for a new console like the PS5. After years of hype, the console launched late in 2020, and has been virtually out of stock ever since, even with Sony making them as fast as they can and the console on pace to become one of the most successful of all time.

So far in the UK, the only chance to grab one of these elusive pieces of sought after hardware has been to chance upon one of the narrow (and we mean narrow - sometimes less than a minute) windows of stock retailers have had. 

On this page, we'll keep things updated with all the latest rumours and news about PS5 stock. It's currently very difficult to find any speculation about imminent stock drops that is truly ironclad, but using our state-of-the-art deal finding system, we've already helped thousands of regular users finally get their hands on the PS5.

While waiting for PS5 stock to appear, we've got plenty more on Console Deals for you to check out:

PS5 stock FAQ

Why is there so little PS5 stock?

2020 was a perfect storm for stock issues. The pandemic meant demand for gaming products went through the roof, while supply and production changes were heavily impacted. Sony have done an admirable job of producing as many PS5s as they have, and the sales numbers suggest its already on track to match the PS4, which has become one of the most successful consoles of all time. The difference this time is that demand is that much higher.

When will PS5 stock be at a steady level?

We're hopeful that by the middle of the year, around June, supply should meet demand. By that point, those desperate to get their hands on the console early should have managed to get one, and Sony should have fine tuned their production process so they're able to produce greater numbers of units. 

We've already seen the price of re-sold consoles on sites like eBay dropping quite rapidly, to the point where mass-buying and re-selling consoles, or scalping, is rapidly becoming unprofitable. When that point is reached, stock should become much more readily available.

When is the next PS5 stock drop?

We'll update the top of this post with all the latest rumours of stock. You can also sign up to email alerts and Discord on our main PS5 page, as well as follow our social channels for up-to-the-second updates on stock.

How long do PS5 stock drops last?

The issue with getting a PS5 so far hasn't so much been the lack of stock drops - as you can see in our timeline, we've had dozens of stock drops. The issue has been how quickly they've gone. In most cases, unless you either anticipated the stock drop in advance or were extremely lucky and happened upon the retailer in question within a minute of the stock dropping.

Thankfully, stock has started to last longer. You still need to be early, particularly if the retailer uses a queue, but in some instances we've seen stock last for over an hour. The bottom line is - don't give up even if you're met with a hefty wait time when you first hit the queue.

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