PS4 Spiderman PS4 Pro Bundle

Enjoy one of 2018's must-have games on the best possible platform, the PS4 Pro. This special edition is perfect for any fans of the masked web-slinger.

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PS4 Pro 1TB Black Marvel's Spider-Man
Spiderman PS4 Pro Bundle
Marvel's Spider-Man

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2 prices checked from 2 retailers including GAME, Amazon, Argos & Currys

Last updated:

2 prices checked from 2 retailers including GAME, Amazon, Argos & Currys

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    To celebrate the release of Insomniac’s web-slinging superhero romp, Spider-Man, last year Sony treated us to this gorgeous ‘Amazing Red’ limited edition 1TB PS4 Pro. Like everyone else we expected to see these fly off the selves quicker than you can say, “Bonesaw is ready…” yet there are still plenty around. Even better, lots of bundles including them which makes it easier for you to get a good deal with other games included.

    We at Console Deals aim to keep you informed of the best deals, prices and bundles regardless of console or wherever happens to be selling them, and it’s no different for this Spiderman PS4 Pro Bundle. Those listed above are always continually refreshing so there’s no excuse to miss out on this extremely great-looking PS4 edition when looking to upgrade or buy one for the very first time.

    More about Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4

    Spider-Man is set to be one of 2018’s biggest games, earning rave reviews from the press who’ve had a hands-on with the game prior to launch. Many attempts have been made to bring the web slinging superhero into the gaming universe before, but 2018’s Spider-Man may be the first game to truly do him justice.

    Featuring an enormous recreation of New York City, a sandbox-style approach to missions and a veritable cavalcade of villains to face off against, Spider-Man is the perfect game for anyone who has ever dreamed of swinging along web strands down canyons of skyscrapers.

    And what’s more, for Spidey fans, there’s no bundle better than this. As well as a download of the game, you’ll get a special edition controller and PS4 Pro 1TB console, which will enable you to experience this exclusive title in all its glory. Spider-Man has been deliberately designed to take advantage of the Pro’s enhanced power, offering stunning visuals that run with the appearance of 4K ultra high definition and incredible smooth frame rates.

    As well as the best possible platform on which to enjoy the game, you also get a spectacular console and controller that are only available in this bundle. Featuring the classic Spider-Man logo on the console and a matching red, white and black controller, this is every Spider-Man fan’s ideal console.