PS4 Playstation Plus Deals

PS4 Playstation Plus Deals

Browse 152 PlayStation Plus deals from the UK’s biggest retailers, starting from just £4.63. We compare prices every single day to help you find the lowest price possible.

from £4.63

Compare 152 deals
£25 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
12 deals from £21.30
Playstation Plus 12 Months Membership
12 deals from £40.79
£50 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
11 deals from £35.92
£35 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
10 deals from £29.91
Playstation Plus 3 Months Membership
9 deals from £16.85
£10 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
9 deals from £9.06
£20 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
9 deals from £18.49
£40 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
8 deals from £33.54
£15 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
8 deals from £13.59
£30 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
7 deals from £25.38
£45 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
6 deals from £37.62
£100 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
6 deals from £72.59
£5 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
5 deals from £4.79
Playstation Now 12 Month Membership
4 deals from £37.54
£80 PlayStation Network Wallet Top Up
3 deals from £72.85
Playstation Plus 1 Month Membership
3 deals from £6.85

Open up a whole world of online play on PS4 with PSN and PS Plus

Since achieving mainstream adoption with the last generation of consoles, online gaming has gone continued to grow – to the point that it’s now one of the core components many games offer and one of the most popular modes for gamers around the world.

Whether it’s messing around with friends in sprawling sandbox games such as Grand Theft Auto V or fighting to be the last survivor in Fortnite, the vast majority of modern game releases these days come complete with an online portion of some sort. In some, it’s a small feature; in others (like Call of Duty or Battlefield) it’s the main event.

Top up your digital wallet for PSN purchases

Picking up your preferred amount of PSN credit is the safest way to the purchase digital goods from PlayStation’s online store – saving you the worry of storing your credit or debit card details. Luckily, you can grab credit in numerations of 5, ranging from a simple £5 top-up all the way up to £50, which, in most case, is enough for a newly released triple-A game release.

The only way to play PS4 games online

Opting to subscribe to PS Plus is currently the only way to jump in with all your other friends who enjoy playing PS4 games online. This wasn’t previously the case back in the PS3 era, but the PlayStation deemed the PS4 to have enough value that it was worth charging for. Call of Duty, Battlefield and more are all blockbuster online experiences that require PS Plus to play online.

Free monthly games for PS Plus members

Adding to PS Plus’ inherent value are the free monthly games PS4 players are regularly treated to. These run the gamut between first-party console exclusives to lower key indie darlings that you otherwise mightn’t have played. Previous free games include the likes of PES 2019, Bloodborne and Ratchet and Clank. Any can be kept in your library for as long as you’re a PS Plus subscriber, reinstating if you ever re-join after leaving.

Multiple PS Plus subscription options

The good news about PS Plus is that you can pay for a subscription plan that works perfectly for you. Don’t want to fork out £50 for a full 12 months in one go, the three-month option is a much easier pill to swallow – and PSN will remind you when its time to renew should you ever want to. We at Console Deals constantly pull in the best prices for PS Plus subs, which you can find listed above.

PS Plus

How you pay for PS Plus is in your hands

To experience online modes on your PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, however, you’ll need to purchase a PlayStation Plus membership for Sony’s online service: the PlayStation Network or simply “PSN”. These Plus memberships are available in one, three and 12 month increments, meaning that no matter if you’re looking to simply test out a couple of games online to see if they’re right for you or if you’re in it for the long haul, there’s 100% a subscription option for you.

2 Playstation Headsets

Peripherals that heighten the PSN experience

Of course, if you’re going online and really want to compete against some of the seasoned veterans you’ll come up against, you need to ensure that your peripherals are up to scratch. As well as comparing PlayStation Plus memberships from a range of the UK’s leading retailers in order to find you the best price, we also do the same on gaming headsets and PS4 controllers to ensure that you’ve got every advantage available to you as you enter the theatre of online conflict!

PS Now

Stream PS2, PS3 and PS4 games with PlayStation Now

Sitting alongside PlayStation Plus is another optional online subscription service called PlayStation Now. This works similarly to other streaming-centric services like Netflix, only instead of watching TV you can now play from a wide library of PS2, PS3 and PS4 games that stream instantly to your console. A seven-day free trial is there for newcomers, but a standard membership is only £8.99 per month and offers great value.

Playstation Store UI

Removing the need for discs with PSN currency

One of the benefits of PSN and PS Plus is that it negates the need to keep inserting game discs into your console whenever you want to play them. Instead, after downloading your desired game, simply select its icon from the PS4 dashboard and off you go. The more games you download, the more storage space you’ll have to take up, but any purchased games are always attributed to your specific PSN account.

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