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Current PS4 bundles

There are always several different versions of the PS4 available at any one time, with current games catered for alongside older titles that can appear bundled with the console as part of a ‘hits’ package. Here’s the main bundles available currently.

1. FIFA 20 bundle

FIFA is the biggest game of the year in the UK, so it’s no surprise that Sony have treated us to a bunch of bundles with the newest edition of the best-selling footy sim. Get a standard 500GB Slim console with one or two DualShock 4 controllers, a 1TB Slim, or a Pro console packaged in with the game.

2. Fortnite Neo Versa bundle

Fortnite continues to enjoy unprecedented popularity, and the free-to-play title has received bundles across all three main consoles. The most recent is the PS4 Fortnite Neo Versa bundle, which comes with bonus cosmetics, 2000 V-bucks and an additional controller, in lieu of a paid title. Great for those looking for a bundle that can guarantee local multiplayer fun. 

3. Death Stranding bundle

Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and so it’s only fitting that this PS4-exclusive titles gets a special edition console. Featuring the game’s handprint iconography on the console, the bundle also includes a copy of the game and a translucent yellow controller, designed to mimic the baby pods that the player carries around with them in this mysterious title from Hideo Kojima.

4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare bundle

The hits keep on coming! Sony have done an incredible down of locking down the marketing rights to some of 2019’s biggest games, and alongside FIFA 20, Call of Duty Modern Warfare may be the biggest. These two bundles, which launch concurrently with the game in late October, feature a standard black console, and are cover both the Slim 500GB and the Pro.

5. FIFA 19 bundle

Though now replaced by the FIFA 20 options, a few retailers are still trying to shift their stock of FIFA 19 PS4 bundles. If you’re in the market for a bargain and don’t mind playing last year’s edition of the game, there may be some great offers around on both the 500GB and 1TB Slim models.

What is a PlayStation 4?

PlayStation 4 – or more commonly known as simply, the PS4 – is the latest and greatest in Sony’s mostly world-dominating line of home consoles. Launched as the most powerful home console ever, the PS4 has been an enormous success. With more than 70 million consoles sold and an ever-increasing library of fantastic exclusive games, it’s hard to go wrong when buying a PS4.

Items included in the PS4 Pro box

Two core versions – the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro

After a hugely successful run, the original PlayStation 4 console has now been phased out. In its place have come the PS4 Slim and the more advanced PS4 Pro. The Slim is identical to the original in many ways, but, as the name suggests, comes in a more streamlined package. The Pro improves on the Slim in terms of graphics and processing power, but does come at the cost of being more expensive. However, in November 2017, around a year after the Pro launched, there was a significant cut in price to the Pro, making it a viable alternative to the Slim for most.

You can read a full breakdown of what sets the PS4 Pro apart from the PS4 Slim in the section below this one.

A console with a difference

While the previous generation of consoles truly brought gaming into the mainstream of home entertainment, the PS4 and Xbox One are both aiming to unify the two worlds to become dedicated entertainment systems.

Both the PS4 Slim and Pro support the likes of YouTube, Netflix and other streaming video on-demand services, and the Pro goes one step further thanks to its ability to stream in 4K ultra HD. Both systems also feature Blu ray DVD players.

The new PS4 Pro

Uncharted and The Last of Us

Existing games will be upscaled

Enjoy incredible games in even better visual-fidelity. Games you already own will be upscaled on the PS4 Pro to make the most of its capabilities, meaning you can enjoy Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last of Us and Bloodborne all over again.

What’s inside the box with all new PS4 consoles?

Both the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro come packaged with the same suite of accessories. As well as the console itself, you’ll find a state of the art DualShock 4 v2 controller, an HDMI cable, a mono voice chat headset, a power cord, and manuals.

PS4 Slim console

PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller

The Dualshock 4 Controller

The PlayStation family is unique in terms of how little the controller has changed from the very first console to now, over 20 years later. However, while the appearance may be roughly the same, the DualShock 4 v2 (replacing the v1, which still comes with original PS4 consoles), boasts several improvements under the hood.

A track pad, light bar for motion tracking and a share button for in-game streaming are just three of the innovations added to the controller that many consider to be perhaps the best ever – on any console.

An unbeatable library of games

It can easily be argued that PlayStation gamers are currently enjoying a golden generation of games. Rarely has a console had so many high quality exclusives, including the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, alongside major non-exclusive series like FIFA and Grand Theft Auto.

Add to that the fact that you can purchase many old favourites via the PlayStation store, and the library of fantastic games available at your fingertips is almost inexhaustible.

PlayStation 4 exclusive games

The added benefits of buying a PS4 Pro

It’s becoming more and more common for manufacturers to launch alternate versions of each of their consoles in order to maximise their potential and help it appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike. The PlayStation 4 is no exception. The Slim edition in an update on the original console, and is now the most commonly available version, coming in the majority of our bundles above.

However, if you’re someone who wants the most comprehensive PS4 experience possible, there is an alternative. 2016 saw the launch of the PS4 Pro, a significant upgrade on the original and Slim consoles.

We’ve included a full breakdown of the technical specifications that differ between the Pro and base models below, but the key differences are:

Improved visuals

For most, the core added appeal of the PS4 Pro will come from the graphics. The classic and Slim PS4 models offer a maximum output of 1080p, while the Pro is capable of 4K ultra high definition gaming at 30 frames per second, or 1080p at 60 FPS. If you have a 4K TV, the PS4 Pro is truly a sight to behold.

Better internals

To accompany the enhanced graphical capabilities of the system, the PS4 Pro comes with twice the processing power of the original PS4 with a AMD Radeon 4.2 TFLOPs to help keep framerates stable. All of this comes packaged within a system that, while bigger and heavier than the Slim, is still of a manageable enough size that should mean you’ll have no problems finding it a home.

Enhanced gaming experience

While certain releases since the Pro’s launch, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, have come with settings specifically designed to take advantage of the stronger graphical capabilities of the system, the Pro is also able to upscale older games to make them look better and play smoother even if they were released prior to the Pro.

Non-gaming improvements

Both Sony and Microsoft have taken significant strides to make their current consoles not just gaming machines, but home entertainment centers. The Pro offers advantages in this regard too, with support for 4K streaming over online video on demand services such as Netflix and YouTube. Unfortunately, the integrated Blu Ray player doesn’t support Ultra HD.

PS4 Console

PS4 specs and PS4 Slim Specs

Console Style Matte Black with two tier design
Controller DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with integrated touchpad
Storage Capacity 500GB Hard Drive, User Removable & Expandable
Cloud Storage Yes
Cloud Streaming Yes with PlayStation Now, a cloud-based gaming service
Required Internet Connection No
Motion / Voice Controls Playstation Camera (sold separately)
Second Screen PlayStation Vita (not included)
Mandatory Game Installs No
Used Game Fee No
Subscription Service PlayStation Plus Network
CPU x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" Single-chip
GPU 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon
USB USB 3.0 x2
Optical Drive Blu-Ray / DVD
Connectivity Ethernet x1, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
Backwards Compatible with PS3 Not Compatible
TV / A/V Hookups HDMI out port, Optical output
What's Included in the PS4 Box PlayStation 4 system, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, Mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable, USB cable
PS4 Pro Console

PS4 Pro Specs

Console Style Matte Black with three tier design
Controller New DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with integrated touchpad
Storage Capacity 1TB Hard Drive, User Removable & Expandable
Cloud Storage Yes
Cloud Streaming Yes with PlayStation Now, a cloud-based gaming service
Required Internet Connection No
Motion / Voice Controls Playstation Camera (sold separately)
Second Screen PlayStation Vita (not included)
Mandatory Game Installs No
Used Game Fee No
Subscription Service PlayStation Plus Network
CPU x86-64 AMD "Jaguar" 8 cores
GPU 4.20 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon
USB USB 3.1 x2
Optical Drive Blu-Ray / DVD
Connectivity Ethernet x1, IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 (EDR)
Backwards Compatible with PS3 Not Compatible
TV / A/V Hookups HDMI out port
What's Included in the PS4 Box PlayStation 4 system, DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, Mono headset, AC power cord, HDMI cable, USB cable

Choose your PS4 bundle

The Sony PlayStation 4 is a fantastic choice for gamers wondering which system to buy next. The PS4 offers a great selection of exclusive games while multiplatform titles generally look and perform better on PS4 than other consoles. Furthermore, Sony has made big improvements to the PlayStation controller and online services since PS3. You can’t really go wrong with PS4.

Choose your PS4 Colour

The PS4 Slim is currently available in black, silver, gold or white – not including the various limited edition consoles released. Which colour do you like best? Which goes best with your living room and your other electronics? Take your pick and use our filters to find the PS4 deals that match. The Pro is currently available in black or white.

Pack-ins: Games & PlayStation Plus

There are lots of PS4 console bundles available, but they’re not just packing free games. Some include a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is required for online gaming and access to free games every month. If you want to play online, you need PS Plus – so getting a bundle makes sense.

Hard bundles

Consoles which come with a game bundled within the console box are known as ‘hard bundles’. They can be distinguished by the console’s box itself featuring artwork for the game. These bundles are often the best way to get a bargain, and it’s not like you won’t be getting games for your new PS4! Currently, Sony has a fantastic range of hard bundles available on both exclusive titles and cross-party games including FIFA 18, Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Power vs price

As we mentioned above, the choice between the baseline Slim model PS4 and the Pro is one of power. If you want to get the very best from your PS4 games, the Pro is the console for you thanks to its enhanced internals. However, its RRP is over £100 more than the Slim, and the best way to appreciated it is on a 4K TV, which many people don’t have. That price has begun to fall, with November 2017 seeing the Pro available for just £299 with a couple of AAA games thrown in for free!

Limited edition PS4 consoles

Fancy owning a limited edition PS4 console? It could even go up in value over time. Check our deals for special PS4 bundles, which are usually themed around pack-in games. Limited editions PS4 have included recent releases such as Destiny 2, Call of Duty: WWII and Gran Turismo Sport to name but a few.

The Terabyte or Megabytes?

There are two PS4 models at the moment – one with 500GB of storage and the other with 1TB so you can download more games. Choose a PS4 bundle with the storage that is right for you. Our handy filters can help you decide which PS4 deal is for you. The Pro version of the console is only available with a 1TB hard drive.

Development begins

Just two years into the PS3’s lifecycle, work quietly began on what Sony would look to include in their next console. The PS3 had got off to a slow start due to production issues, and was significantly lagging behind the Xbox 360. The aim was to ensure that the next PlayStation was launched firing on all cylinders.

All aboard the hype train!

Sony’s PS4 is rumoured to begin production at the end of the year ready for a Christmas 2012 release.

If these rumours, plus those of a reworked Playstation network prove true, the PS4 looks set to get a big jump on their main competitors Microsoft.

PS4 reveal

PS4 Revealed

Following months of the usual speculation, Sony announces the PS4 console at the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event in New York. Rough specs and game footage are also shown.

PS4 undercuts XB1 at E3

At their E3 conference, Sony announces the PS4 price – and it’s almost £100 cheaper than Xbox One. It’s another battle won for Sony, following Xbox One’s always-online controversy.

Time to mark those calendars

The PS4 console’s UK release date is revealed at Gamescom in Germany. The next PlayStation is only a few months away!

PS4 sales

The UK goes PS4 crazy

PS4 launches in the UK with incredible success. Over 250,000 PS4 consoles are sold in the opening weekend – 100,000 more than Wii U had sold in its first year on sale.

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition PS4

First limited edition PS4 is Foxy

The PS4 “Fox Edition” is announced, featuring a console bearing the “Force Operation X” emblem and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes packed in. It’s the first of many special PS4 bundles to come.

Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition PS4

PS4's virtual reality future

Sony announces Project Morpheus, a virtual reality (VR) headset for PS4, at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2014. Their own effort to take on the industry dominating Occulus Rift.

PS4 PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now launches

Cloud gaming service PS Now, which allows PS4 players to stream classic games via the Internet, launches in the US. A UK beta test of the service is also underway.

PS4 World Wide Sales

Worldwide PS4 sales pass 20m

Sony says PS4 is showing “the strongest and fastest growth in PlayStation history” as the number of PS4 consoles sold to players exceeds 20.2 million worldwide.

1TB PlayStation 4 announced

With downloads a necessity on PS4, even just for game updates, Sony announces a new console with 1 terabyte of storage – double what was available previously.

Project Morpheus gets inspired new name...

Project Morpheus is renamed to PlayStation VR! Give that man a raise.

Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection PS4 bundle

Uncharted deal territory

To mark the launch of a new hard bundle of the PS4 along with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Sony drops the price of the 500GB console with a game to an RRP of £299.99. This is down from a retail price of £350 for just the console when it first launched. This move kickstarts a slew of new PS4 deals just in time for the holiday season.


Project Morpheus first look

We get a first look at the consumer version of Project Morpheus, now better known as Playstation VR. The unit has a 5.7-inch OLED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution split across both eyes, and nine LEDs that let the PlayStation camera provide positional tracking.

Playstation Neo

Rumours are surfacing about a new Playstation, going by the name of Playstation Neo or PS4.5/PS4K. It’s speculated that the PS4.5 will be an upgraded PS4 with better graphic performance, support for Playstation VR and 4k resolution support. Current generation games will work on the console, although a boost in performance can be expected.

PS4 Slim

PS4 Slim Leak: Real or Fake?

The first sighting of the PS4 slim, the console to rival the Xbox One S has been spotted online. Seen by Twitter user @shortmaneighty2, the console was found on Gumtree, the free UK classified ads site.

Sony had called a PlayStation Meeting for early September where the announcement of PS4 Neo was expected. Now, with the arrival of a PS4 slim, it seems like there will be two consoles announced.

Confirmed: Leaked PS4 Slim is real

We now have concrete evidence that the leaked PS4 slim is real. An unboxing video surfaces of the new console, which retains a similar look to the original console but with a – yep, you guessed it – more slimline profile. The Slim goes on to effectively replace the original ‘fat’ console.

PS4 Pro

PS4 Slim and Pro officially announced

Sony officially announce a revamp to their PlayStation 4 offering, with the original PS4 console being replaced with a more slimline version with the same specs and the Pro becoming the new top of the range model, thanks to its upgraded internals and ability to play certain games in stunning 4K resolution.

External hard drive support added

The biggest upgrade found in the system software 4.50 update is the ability to expand your PS4’s internal memory through an external hard drive of up to 8TB, meaning plenty of additional space for those avid gamers out there.

Horizon Zero Dawn showcases Pro power

PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn launches, establishing itself as an early front-runner for the game of the year title, and also doing much to showcase exactly how powerful the PS4 Pro is.

Surpassing the 60 million mark

Sales figures released in June confirm that the PS4 has surpassed the 60 million consoles sold mark. Although still a long way behind the estimated 155 million PS2’s sold, the fourth version of Sony’s evergreen console is well on track to beat the PS3, which managed just more than 80 million. It also means that the PS4 is well ahead of its generational rival the Xbox One.

Cross-play capabilities mooted

Demand for cross-play between consoles increases, as several titles that combine player bases between the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are announced, including Rocket League. However, there are no plans for cross-play between PS4 and any other consoles. Later in the year, in September, the game Fortnite accidentally enabled PS4 and Xbox One owners to play one another for a short period of time before disabling the feature.

Pro performance

Just prior to Microsoft’s anticipated announcement of their souped up version of the Xbox One, which will rival the PS4 Pro, Sony Entertainment Europe’s CEO Jim Ryan discloses that since launching last November, the Pro has accounted for one of every five PlayStations sold. This is extremely impressive given the price of the Pro, which typically sits around £130 more than than Slim.

FIFA 18 PS4 bundle

FIFA and Destiny 2 bundles launch

Sony launch a white version of the PS4 Pro to coincide with the release of Destiny 2. They also take full advantage of winning the marketing rights to FIFA 18 from Microsoft by launching eight separate hard bundles. These bundles span the two versions of the Slim and the Pro, and come with different versions of the game and, in some cases, an additional gamepad for local multiplayer.

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 controller

In the driving seat

Another month, another bundle – three, in fact. A special Gran Turismo version of the PS4 Slim launches in October with two more announced for November. Sony flex their muscles by showcasing two cross-party IPs they own the marketing rights for, a camo-designed number to coincide with the release of Call of Duty: WWII, and two models with decals celebrating Star Wars to tie in with Battlefront II’s release.

PS4 Pro receives its first major discount

In anticipation of Black Friday, the PS4 Pro receives a major price cut. From a £350 RRP that has been consistent since it launched over a year ago, the price of the Pro falls to £300 – with two AAA titles thrown in for good measure. Xbox One X beware!

PS VR Price Drop

As Black Friday looms, Sony make a significant move to tempt users to the PS4 Pro instead of the Xbox One X, slashing the price of the PS VR. With VR becoming a more and more common topic within gaming circles, Sony’s dedicated VR solution for the PS4 is now one of the most affordable – and best equipped in terms of software – available.

Console battle commences

After a year in which the PS4 Pro has stood unchallenged in its dominance of the console gaming world in terms of technical specs, a challenger emerges from Microsoft. The Xbox One X launches amidst much fanfare, with Microsoft boasting that the X outstrips the Pro in just about every department.

The big unknown in the lead up to the X’s release from Sony’s perspective is whether they’ll keep the Pro’s price relatively static or seek to undercut the significantly more expensive Xbox even further by offering price reductions. The possible cost of such a move would be perception, as it would look like an admission that the X is the more powerful console.

PS4 continues to sell strongly

Despite passing its fourth birthday, the PS4 continues to put up impressive sales numbers. Sony reveal that during the 2017 holiday season, almost six million consoles were sold, putting the PS4 within ten million sales of the 83 million that the PS3 in total managed. With the Slim model still in high demand in the UK and the Pro now boasting a much more affordable RRP, the PS4 has both the PS3 and even the original PlayStation (which sold just over 100 million) in its sights.

Three more years! Three more years!

In a call to investors, Sony’s John Kodera states that although the PS4 is “entering the final phase of its life cycle,” the company have pencilled in three more years before they make their next significant move in the console market. This means the PS4 would have lasted eight years, longer than most consoles. However, with a mid-generation reboot, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if the PS4 outlasts its predecessors.

God of War causes Pro shortage

The Pro model continues to sell well as relatively low prices on the premium model (and relatively high ones on the Slim) means there’s not many reasons not to buy one over the Slim. However, this trend goes into overdrive with God of War. Yet another superb PlayStation exclusive leads to so many Pros flying off the shelves that, for a couple of weeks, there’s a nationwide shortage!

A historic landmark

A historic landmark

Sony announce that the total sales of all PlayStation hardware worldwide since the original PlayStation console has topped 500 million, an extraordinary milestone that only Nintendo can rival. To celebrate, they launch an extremely limited edition PS4 Pro, called the ‘500 million’ version, that is translucent blue and comes with a 2TB hard drive and a PlayStation camera. The console is hugely popular, selling out worldwide almost instantly.

Spider-Man swings into action

September sees the launch of another brilliant PS4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game rockets to the top of the charts and becomes one of the best selling games of recent times, as well as earning critical acclaim. Sony commemorates the game’s launch with special red versions of the Slim and the Pro.

Back to the future

The PS4 has ruled supreme over its own console generation, but Sony announce it will soon have company. The PlayStation Classic, launching in December, will follow the example set by Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classics, coming pre-loaded with 20 classic games that are played directly from the console. Beloved titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3 will make an appearance.

Red Dead Revamp for the Pro

The limited edition Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Pro bundles ship with a slightly revised version of the console inside, with the hardware revamps aimed at tackling some of the issues associated with launch units, particularly noisy fans.

Celebrating 5 years of PS4

Sony celebrates the PS4’s fifth birthday. As well as shifting more than 86 million consoles, which puts it fourth in the list of best selling home consoles, almost 800 million units of software have been sold. The five best selling titles are Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Call of Duty WWII, FIFA 17, FIFA 18 and Grand Theft Auto 5. Sony also go on the record to announce that the 500 million limited edition console is the rarest PS4 model of all, which will do their value on the secondary market no harm at all.

The beginning of the end?

While Sony sit out E3, shocking the gaming world, Microsoft use their conference to announce their family of Scarlett consoles. Despite not committing to a firm timeframe, it seems like a Q4 2020 release is likely, and past generations of consoles have suggested that Sony won’t want to risk being much later to market than Microsoft. Does Microsoft’s announcement put a countdown timer on the PS4? We will wait and see.

100 million

The PS4 has swatted aside countless memorable milestones, and this month sees another comprehensively overcome, as the console (across the original, Slim and Pro chassis) is confirmed to have surpassed 100 million units sold worldwide. The 100 million units means that the PS4 is now in sole possession of the 6th best selling console ever slot, and will almost certainly surpass both the Nintendo Wii and the original PlayStation by the end of 2019.

A historic landmark

The PS4 becomes just the sixth games console (the third PlayStation and fourth non-handheld) to surpass 100 million units sold. With a year to go until the expected launch of the PS5, it seems inevitable that the PS4 will sell the required 2.5 million units worldwide that will see it overtake the Wii and the original PlayStation to become the fourth best-selling platform of all time.

The beginning of the end

Sony announce via an article in Wired that the next PlayStation will be known as – drumroll – the PlayStation 5, and will launch in roughly a year, in time for the holiday rush in 2020. This is the first official confirmation of the PS4’s successor’s timeline, and means that the PS4 finally has a date for its curtain call.