Days after release Warioware: Get It Together drops to £29.99 at Currys

The most recent Nintendo Direct was full of surprises! Chief amongst them was the news that Mario's arch nemeses would be the centre of an all-new party game instalment on Nintendo Switch in WarioWare: Get It Together. 

The micro-games look crazier than ever, and this time around it's different because there's a greater emphasis on multiplayer. The typical RRP for WarioWare: Get it Together is £49.99, but right now Currys has it for just £29.99. Far cheaper than any other retailer take a look and use code NEXTDAYGAME for the best price: 

WarioWare: Get it Together
Nintendo Switch
Standard Edition
In Stock




Use code NEXTDAYGAME at checkout for £5 off selected products.

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