Pick up the PS5 version of Hades for just £16.76 at eBay - The Game Collection

Still considered by many to be their game of the year for 2020, Hades hack and slashed its way onto more consoles recently by way of a PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox physical release. For the first time ever players on Sony and Microsoft's platforms will be able to experience this perfect mix of world-building and tight, roguelike gameplay in amongst an unabashedly Greek story. 

Most UK retailers have Hades on PS5 at the typical £24.99 RRP. However, we've spotted this morning that eBay - The Game Collection has it for slightly less at just £16.76 - that's a small price to play for this addictive indie that provides hours of gameplay. Take a look and use code PURCHASE4LESS for the best price: 

Standard Edition
In Stock




Use code PURCHASE4LESS at checkout for 20% off at selected eBay retailers when you spend over £15. Maximum discount of £75 and limited to three redemptions. Offer ends 23rd September 23:59PM.

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