Out now! Order the Death Stranding Director's Cut for just £36.95

Death Stranding from Kojima Productions was originally released back in 2019 on the PS4 and was generally received quite well with a Metacritic score of 82. If you missed out on the game however I have some good news for you; Death Stranding Director's Cut is out now and includes a plethora of new features/upgrades. 

The Director's Cut will take advantage of the features of the Dualsense Controller and also the power of the PS5 with 4k 60FPS support whilst also adding gameplay features like a Buddy Bot that can be ridden by Sam carrying him and his cargo. There will also be new missions and weapons added for you to enjoy. You can grab the PS5 version from Coolshop for just £36.95 which is the best price available.

Death Stranding Director's Cut
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