Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital

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  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
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  • Indie
  • Simulator
  • Developer:
  • Two Point Studios
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  • Sega Entertainment

Having already made big waves on PC platforms, 2020 finally marks the time when Two Point Hospital makes its debut on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Casting you as the head of your own healthcare operation, it’s your job to keep wards fully functioning by managing staff, curing patient illnesses and designing a stunning workplace. Fans of the cult classic Theme Hospital will feel right at home, with Two Point Hospital serving as its spiritual successor.

The entire game boasts an incredibly charming Claymation art style, helping to fully engross players from the god’s eye view perspective. It all begins as you construct your initial hospital building, eventually expanding as you turn enough profit and cure Two Point Hospital’s range of highly unusual illnesses that you’ve likely never seen before. The pandemics are sure to come, but will you have prepared enough to handle it?

Design and build your very own hospital empire

The great thing about Two Point Hospital is that no-one’s hospital empire will ever be the same. This is because there’s near endless options when it comes to available layouts, whether you want to focus on wards to bring in as many patients as possible or scatter around decorative items to ensure that patients don’t get bored. Find the right balance and those end-of-year awards are sure to start rolling in.

Contend with a host of strange illnesses

The world of Two Point City being entirely fictional, it’s not merely the common cold you’ll be tasking with curing but rather a wide range of weird and wacky illnesses. Premature mummification? Check. Cubism? You bet! And there’s plenty more to keep your hospital staff on their toes. All require their very own special type of treatment, which you can account for by developing the right tech and machinery.

Train up your staff and reward them regularly to boost morale

Any hospital is only as good as its staff, so it’s important in Two Point Hospital to manage all your workers’ specific personality types and traits. This you can do from the extensive statistic and information screens. This makes it easy to reward your most efficient staff members, weeding out anyone who is just a pain in the neck.

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