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Tropico 6

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  • El Prez Edition

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  • Available Platforms:
  • Xbox One
  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Mac
  • PlayStation 4
  • Genre:
  • Strategy
  • Simulator
  • Developer:
  • Limbic Entertainment
  • Publisher:
  • Kalypso Media

The Tropico series has been at the forefront of construction and management simulation games since its initial debut in 2001. Tropico 6 is the newest entry, casting you once again as a dictator, “El Presidente”, in charge of growing the population of a fictional state while doing all you can to keep it being prosperous. Experience all-new ways to shape the fate of your very own republic.

Having already made its way onto PC, Tropico 6 will soon make its way to PS4 and Xbox One for the very first time. New here is the ability to rule over not just one island, but a small group of islands that sits close to the mainland. Soon you’ll build up chains of trade, constructing bridges as you move from both World War eras and onwards.

Become the ultimate world leader of a paradise

Tropico 6 is all about player choice, only this time it’s on a much larger scale. Will you rule with an iron fist or try to create a peaceful existence for your general public? It all depends on how you choose to act. Console players can rest easy knowing that Tropico 6’s controls and UI has been revised for this PS4 and Xbox One release, remaining just as intuitive to lay out and enact your decisions.

Large archipelagos make their first Tropico appearance

Previous Tropico series entries limited you to rule over just one island. Tropico 6, however, lets you expand and venture into large archipelagos – resulting in small islands which can then allow you to transport citizens, build bridges and construct tunnels. All these infrastructure capabilities help to take the core Tropico experience to the next level.

Online collaboration shared between four players

Don’t fancy taking on the mantle of a female or male “El Presidente” alone? Lucky for you Tropico 6 supports four-player online co-op, meaning that you and up to three friends can control the future of a fictional population. Collaboration is the key here to being successful, so make sure you trust whomever you partner up with.

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