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Trials Rising

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Ubisoft’s chaotic (and often hilarious) physics-based racing franchise returns in 2019 with Trials Rising. This marks the first entry to hit shelves since 2014’s Trials Fusion, bringing with it a new visual look and even more over-the-top tracks set across multiple continents. Points are awarded for the best tricks performed in the quickest time on a track without crashing – but do you have what it takes to hold your nerve and make it across the finish line?

For those unaware, Trials is a different kind of racing game in that the objective is to move from left to right across a 2.5D plane as creatively and swiftly as possible. It’s your classic rags-to-riches story, albeit one with plenty of high-octane thrills thrown in for good measure. Trials Rising tasks players to master control over the bikes they’ll be handling, knowing when to boost and when to slow and not get carried away and crash during what otherwise would be a perfect run. Never has it been so fun to rise through the ranks of the competitive racing scene.

Fresh this time around is a new local multiplayer mode known as Tandem Bike. It’s here where two players each handle 50% control over the bike, making for a hilariously awkward attempt at getting from start to finish, as you can imagine. Co-ordinate together through tight corners, huge jumps, and plenty of other outlandish obstacles.

Race to the top of the rankings as creatively as possible in Trials Rising

Usually in racing games you’re required to hold your nerve for the purposes of getting the quickest time on a track-by-track basis. Trials Rising asks you to do that, but with a swathe of creative flair as you progress from continent to continent. Your bike is unwieldy in Trials Rising and if handled incorrectly will throw you off course. Much of the chaos, therefore, comes from you managing this control while pulling off as many flips and tricks as possible.

Top in-game brand sponsorships

In many ways, Trials Rising is all about achieving as much fortune and fame in addition to stylish racing. Soon enough you’ll be approached by various in-game sponsorships such as Fox Racing Gear, KTM, and RedLynx who are always on the lookout for fresh talent and will offer contracts to those willing to complete special challenges as you play. Do so successfully to secure plenty of rewards.

Trials Rising sponsership

Trials Rising multiplayer

Craft the perfect vehicle with advanced customisation

Customisation has always been a major part of the Trials series, and the same is no different for Rising. Expect this time it’s different thanks to a greater emphasis on community creativity. There’s the standard outfit and bike editor along with Trials’ now legendary track editor, but players have the potential to tweak, customise and then upload any set-up online for anyone to download.

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