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  • Developer:
  • Snail Games USA
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  • Snail

What do you get when you mix the creative exploration of Minecraft with the creature-filled survival fun of Ark: Survival Evolved? The answer is PixArk, the new title from Snails Games that aims to be your next procedurally generated fix. PixARk is full of endless lands to explore with over 100 unique beasties to seek out and tame, all while you survive within a colourful cube-based realm.

Crafting is a huge part of the PixARK experience, as you’re encouraged to work your way across one of infinite voxel-based maps by building whatever it is you want. Sometimes your plans will drastically go awry as an unwanted dinosaur runs rampant in front of you, boding a new challenge you’ll need to be prepared for. Anything can happen in the world of PixARK. How you play is up to you – just try your best to survive!

Get lost in a near-endless voxel-based block world

Every map and quest in PixARK has a sense of unpredictability to it due to almost all being procedurally generated. This means that the game’s algorithm has been specifically tuned to provide a different experience each time, letting you creative your way to victory in any way you choose. Team up with friends to form a tribe or play on your own – PixARK presents multiple routes for you to immerse yourself for hours on end.

A robust creation tool to create your own character

Every PixARK journey starts with players being able to create their own character. Most games limit the number of attributes you’re able to fine-tune to a select few, but PixARK’s creation tools are robust enough that no character need look the same. This means everyone in your tribe will look and feel differently at all times.

pixark dinosaur

pixark shooting

Divide your time however you choose

Creative mode is the perfect means for anyone who simply wants to build something cool without any outside distraction, but PixARK’s many quests and maps also cater to those looking for a more focused experience. You can divide your time however you see fit, but why wouldn’t you want to find at least some time to tame the game’s 100 unique creatures?

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