Nexomon Extinction

Nexomon Extinction

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When you think of monster catching RPGs the Pokemon brand has the genre all tied up. For the longest time this meant that players on PS4, Xbox One and PC were left out in the cold, but that’s where Nexomon Extinction has come in to satiate some of this appetite. Set in a world teeming with over 300 collectable creatures, Nexomon Extinction is a deep and thoughtful RPG where you must battle your way to the top. Sound familiar?

Nexomon Extinction invites you to join the fight as a budding trainer, using your collated team of unique Nexomon creatures to rebel against a bigger, badder line of dominant Nexomon who are threatening to make humanity extinct. It’s your job to set out on an epic journey to bring balance back to this thriving land and turn the tide of battles.

A new RPG story begins with over 300 Nexomon to capture

Nexomon Extinction boasts over 300 distinct creatures to hunt down, trap and tame, with each featuring unique move sets that come in handy when battling wild or other people’s teams. All fall into one of 11 different elemental types, with most having the ability to change into more powerful evolutional forms. Several would-be challengers are standing in the way of you and success, so you must take them on in tactical turn-based battles.

Nexomon Extinction - map

Explore different weather regions

The world Nexomon Extinction sees you venture into is full of areas easily defined by their different weather types. One minute you might be catching and battling within the dunes of a sandy village, while others resemble a snowy tundra. These unique surroundings can influence the elemental type of the particular Nexomon found in the region, letting you catch the ones you need.

Nexomon Extinction - battle

Vibrant art style allows for interesting Nexomon designs

Similar to its Pokémon inspiration, Nexomon Extinction opts for a noticeably anime art style that really brings the design of each creature to life. All 381 look and feel different from one another, encouraging you to collect them all to become the ultimate tamer. What’s more, each Nexomon will animate according to the skill you have them deploy, too.

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