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Need For Speed Heat

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EA’s trademark racing series is coming back in a big way this year, improving upon 2017’s Need for Speed Payback by going back to its roots and injecting back in some of the fun. It’s called Need for Speed Heat and will commemorate the franchise’s 25th anniversary, letting players roam an all-new location with a suite of attractive cars. The law is always hot on your tail, however, so you’ll need to be careful.

Need for Speed Heat takes place entirely on the street, tasking you to hustle by day and risk it all by night. Your main method of doing this is to enter the realms of illicit street racing, speeding past your rivals in order to increase your reputation and unlock more cars. Underground glory awaits anyone who can master the many street-level tracks featured in the game.

Beat the Heat in this new version of Need for Speed

The Need for Speed series has always been about outthinking the law in some fashion, but Heat in particular kicks this up a notch. Riling up the cops during the day is all well and good to boost your rep, but a rogue task force of pursuers will come out to play at night. This ups the stakes and will challenge your driving aptitude as you attempt to get away from their hunt.

Explore the neon-laden open world of Palm City

The neon strip of Palm City serves as your ultimate playground in Need for Speed Heat, letting you own the night whether that’s via off-road events, traditional races or drift challenges. All of your actions work towards building up your reputation, meaning you’ll have to lay it all on the line. Learning the layout of the Palm City map is sure to give you an edge when racing.

Conquer the Miami strip with a fleet of stylish cars

There’s a total of 127 cars to get behind the wheel of in Need for Speed Heat, ranging from such top brands as Toyota and Mercedes – even Ferrari make a comeback following its absence in Need for Speed Payback. All can be earned by accruing rep from races, challenges and limited time events, all handling differently depending on the additional upgrades you want to add.

Hyper-tune, customise and push cars past the limit

In keeping with the franchise’s previous entries, Need for Speed: Heat touts an impressive roster of unlockable vehicles. BMW, Audi, McLaren, Lamborghini and more are all here in some shape or form, letting you control, customise and finetune any one of these dream cars. All have been successfully rendered using highly detailed graphics, giving you the means to adapt and affect how they handle when taking to the neon streets.

Download the companion app for added features

You can stay up to date with all things Need for Speed: Heat by downloading its accompanying app, which lets you tweak under the hood whenever you’re away from your console. It all starts by entering the showroom as the place where your specific car collection is displayed. Here you can download the weekly car packs, check updates on all your favourites or move to the workshop for some tinkering.

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