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NBA 2K22

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Luka Doncic, Candance Parker and others act as the cover stars for 2K’s latest NBA entry. Allowing players on both last- and next-gen consoles to experience basketball more authentically than ever before, NBA 2K22 released this September 10th with an updated engine and up-to-date player rosters. Such improvements are sure to make NBA 2K22 a slam dunk with basketball fans.

You’ll be able to take part in real NBA and WNBA locations in 2K22, taking your team from the lower leagues all the way to the top. Whether you choose to do so as an established team like the Lakers, Bulls, or one you’ve created yourself in the returning MyTEAM mode, there are various opportunities to live out your own pro journey.

Feel the energy of the crowd with best-in-class visuals in NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 takes full advantage of the extra ‘oomph’ possible with next-gen consoles, presenting recognisable basketball superstars in full 4K visuals and the smoothest 60fps frame rate. Games will look and play great on Xbox One and PS4 too, of course, yet those luckily enough to have made the jump to next-gen will find it easier to be enthralled in the game. NBA 2K22 seeks to be the most immersive basketball sim yet!

NBA 2K22 team

Three different NBA 2K22 retail editions to choose from

As is typically the case with sports franchises from 2K, NBA 2K22 features three different editions for players to choose from. The standard edition comes with the game and a few pre-order bonuses. The NBA 75th anniversary edition, meanwhile, includes added currency and MyTeam goodies. The same goes for NBA 2K22’s WNBA 25th anniversary edition. Be sure to research what you can get in each.

NBA 2K22 game

Fully up-to-date player rosters for both NBA and WNBA

NB 2K22 gives players on PS4, PS5, Xbox and even Nintendo Switch the means to enjoy realistic basketball physics as real-life teams from the NBA and WNBA leagues. WNBA star Candace Parker even features as the figure on one of 2K22’s main cover variants, making history for the franchise. Combine this excitement with player rosters that have been brought up to date and you have the most faithful NBA game yet.

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