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  • Available Platforms:
  • PlayStation 4
  • Genre:
  • Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
  • Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Other Ocean Interactive
  • Publisher:
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment

Having already enjoyed much success with the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon being remastered, PlayStation is once again willing to set gamers on a 90s nostalgia trip – this time via a PlayStation 4 remake of the original MediEvil. An action-adventure hack and slash that first released on PS One way back in 1998, this wacky tale set in the middle ages has never looked or played better.

Set within the fictional medieval kingdom of Gallowmere you play as Sir Daniel Fortesque, an apparent hero who is suddenly brought back to life as a loveable skeleton to prevent the evil sorcerer Zarok’s return. His journey will take him through a range of varied levels and let him use a suite of fun weapons, travelling across Gallowmere while fending off Zarok’s many hordes.

Sir Daniel Fortesque returns with shiny new graphics on PS4

MediEvil for PlayStation 4 retains almost every familiar aspect of the original game but has now been built entirely from the ground up using new tools and assets. This helps this new version of MediEvil feel just like a new release, rather than an upscaled take on the PS One original. All this is realised using improved character models, better environment textures and 4K-ready graphics that will likely make you feel like you’re playing an interactive animated movie.

Aside from sir Daniel Fotesque’s dialogue, every other piece of in-game dialogue has been recycled from the PS One original. There’s now a much farther draw distance and wider aspect ratio, however, adding to the feeling that the PS4 version of MediEvil is totally something new.

A cartoon version of Medieval Britain to explore

The world of MediEval strikes the perfect balance between moody atmospheric and charming, largely due to the innovative nature of the original art style. Bright colours mix with the shining bright of the darkly moonlight, making this an ideal game for an October 2019 release. Add in all the new visual upgrades made possible via PS4 and Gallowmere looks the best it ever has.

A classic adventure that’s exclusive to PS4

Unlike Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, the new MediEvil remake will exclusively be released for PS4. Being developed for just one console means that resources won’t have to be stretched for optimization across platforms, making for a better play experience as a result. Sir Daniel Fortesque was a PlayStation icon in the 90s, and he remains as such here.

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