Madden NFL 22

Madden NFL 22

Find the best deals on Madden NFL 22 for PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox. We compare 76 deals (starting from £34.95 across every edition offered by our partner retailers.

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It’s almost time for Gameday to roll around again, as the latest entry into EA’s annual Madden franchise hits last- and next-gen consoles. Bringing with it various gameplay improvements, technical advancements and incredibly believable player physics, Madden NFL 22 puts you at the centre of your own historical season and makes dominating the yard always a thrill.

Various modes like Ultimate Team, The Yard and fan-favourite Face the Franchise return in Madden NFL 22, with the latter benefiting wildly from all-new features. Being successful in the league now means having to take care of everything from staff management to weekly strategies, you see, ensuring your team is prepared to deliver out on the field. Only by pushing tour limits can you hop to achieve a place in the NFL hall of fame.

Feel the roar of the crowd in Madden NFL 22’s Gameday atmosphere

EA has done all it possibly can to make Madden NFL 22 the most authentic American Football simulation game out there. A lot of this comes down to advanced technology called Dynamic Gameday, which replicates crowd reactions and noises using real-life data. This AI-driven approach also powers the scenarios of teams and Superstar NFL players.

Madden NFL 22 Brady

Live your NFL dream in a full-fledged career mode

Face the Franchise is an NFL career mode that is almost documentary-like in nature. IT’s the perfect opportunity to make your mark in the league, taking a team from college level all the way up to professional while deploying smart gameday tactics. All this is depicted using some of the most realistic player and crowd movements out there.

Madden NFL 22 gameday

The Yard is back to let you travel the world

If you’re seeking something a bit more unique from your American NFL football game, The Yard is a challenge-based solo campaign. In it, you’ll travel across scenic landscapes like beaches and mountains located across the world, battling bosses sporting unique NFL talents. Tackling this challenges will see you unlock certain rewards like unique team celebrations and Avatar customisations.

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